KCTN FM 100.1 Basketball Schedule

KCTN FM 100.1 Basketball Schedule

November 20th(Tue)--Central at Oelwein-Girls Only
November 26th(Mon)--Ed-Co at Clayton Ridge-G & B
November 30th(Fri)--Central at Clayton Ridge-G & B

December 4th(Tue)--Postville at MFL MarMac(G & B)
December 7th(Fri)--Central at Postville(G & B)
December 11th(Tue)--Central at North Fayette/Valley(G & B)
December 14th(Fri)--North Fayette/Valley at Postville(G & B)
December 18th(Tue)--Central at MFL MarMac(G & B)
December 21st(Fri)--North Fayette/Valley at Clayton Ridge(G & B)

January 4th(Fri)--MFL MarMac at North Fayette/Valley(G & B)
January 8th(Tue)--Ed-Co at Starmont(G & B)
January 11th(Fri)--Clayton Ridge at Central(G & B)
January 15th(Tue)--MFL MarMac at Postville(G & B)
January 18th(Fri)--Postville at Central(G & B)
January 22nd(Tue)--North Linn at Ed-Co(G & B)--at Edgewood
January 25th(Fri)--Clayton Ridge at MFL MarMac(G & B)
January 29th(Tue)--MFL MarMac at Central(G & B)

February 1st(Fri)--Starmont at Ed-Co(G & B)--at Edgewood
February 5th(Tue)--North Fayette/Valley at MFL MarMac(G & B)
February 7th(Thur)--Girls Regional Basketball Tourney begins
February 11th(Mon)--Boys District Basketball Tourney begins

The Chalk Talk begins at 5:45, with Gametimes at 6:15 for Girls/Boys Nights.

The Chalk Talk begins at 7pm, with Gametime at 7:30 for Girls Only Nights)