Farm Bureau Meeting

By: News Release
Aug 8th, 2018

The 100th anniversary of Farm Bureau as an organization in Clayton County was celebrated with an event in Froelich recently with nearly 200 attending. Activities included a tractor ride, children’s activities, free ice cream, meal, the annual meeting and dance.

Among the items of business during the annual meeting was the election of officers and directors. Members elected Erling Bilden of Elgin to lead the organization for the coming year in Clayton County. Other executive board members elected include: Brandon Friedlein, Guttenberg, Vice President; Kristi McGreal, Strawberry Point, Secretary; Jessie Westhoff, Guttenberg, Treasurer; Amy Echard, Farmersburg, Voting Delegate and Anna Troester, Garnavillo, Young Farmer Chairperson.

There are 18 directors on the Clayton County Farm Bureau board and half are elected every year for two-year terms. Elected this year were: Rodney Swales, Strawberry Point; Erik Oberbroeckling, Garnavillo; Nick Westhoff, Guttenberg; Aaron Schroeder, Farmersburg; Lisa Donlon, Monona; Emily Oberbroeckling, Garnavillo; David Larson, Elgin; David Kraus, Guttenberg; and John Storbeck, Elkader. Megan Kregel of Guttenberg and Richard Bente of Postville were elected to fill open one-year terms.

A regional training event for all officers and directors will be held in Oelwein on August 30.


The Clayton County Farm Bureau board of directors gathered for a group photo during the centennial celebration held recently in Froelich. Front row from left: Emily Oberbroeckling, Anna Troester, Megan Kregel, Lisa Donlon, Tim Donlon, Erling Bilden, Erik Oberbroeckling. Second row: David Larson, Brandon Friedlein, Amy Echard, Les Simons, Aaron Schroeder, Rodney Swales. Unable to be present for the photo were: Peter and Kristi McGreal, Nick and Jessie Westhoff, Cyrenus Elsinger, Brandon and Jill Stannard, Dona Matthiesen, David Kraus, John Storbeck and Richard Bente.