Deleware Supervisors

By: KCTN News
Jul 27th, 2018

STATE OF IOWA ) July 23, 2018

) Ss: Manchester, Iowa


The Delaware County Board of Supervisors met in regular session this date at 1:15 pm with all members present. Also present were Daneen Schindler, Pam Klein, Jill Buschmann, Valda Schaul, LaVern Schaul, Anthony Bardgett, Anne Rave, Carla Becker, and two members of the media. Chairperson Buschmann called the meeting to order.

Motion made by Helmrichs, second by Madlom and carried to approve the agenda as posted. All Ayes

Motion made by Madlom, second by Helmrichs and carried to approve the minutes from the last meeting. All Ayes

Motion made by Helmrichs, second by Madlom and carried to approve the following employees to attend their respective out-of-county meetings: Carla Becker to attend the ISACA Summer Conference in Iowa City on July 25th through July 27th; Anthony Bardgett and Supervisor Helmrichs to attend the RPA Meeting in Dubuque on July 26th; and Supervisor Helmrichs to attend the Operation New View meeting on July 26th in Dubuque. All Ayes

Motion made by Madlom, second by Helmrichs and carried to approve the following claims for payment, including payment for payroll in the amount of $329,514.34, warrant #24837 through #24960:

Accent Laser Services Inc Stationery/Supplies 1209.70

Ace Homeworks Postage & Mailing 10.25

Advanced Systems Stationery/Supplies 101.61

Alliant Energy Service 241.46

Anderson Welding & Machine Parts & Access 71.06

Auto Trim Design Repair/Maint-Vehicle 50.00

Bard Materials (General) Maint/Cover/Aggregate 51981.31

Bard Materials (Rock) Cover/Aggregate 422243.18

Batteries Plus Bulbs Electrical Accessories 184.80

Patricia Becker Election Official 14.00

BL Murray Co Custodial Supplies 29.70

Bob Stephen Motors Repair/Maint-Vehicle 46.00

Boubin Tire Co Tires 1579.99

Brehme Drug Prescription Medicine 140.53

Byways of IA Foundation Contribution 250.00

Carls Feed & Farm Store Fertilizer & Seed 902.30

Carr & Carr Attorneys Court-Related Services 97.70

Cedar Falls Oil Lubricants 15.00

ChemRight Laboratories Engineering Services 960.00

City Laundering Co Custodial Supplies 202.16

Clayton Co Sheriff Rm/Bd Payments 7240.00

City of Colesburg Roads 2215.39

Compass Business Solutions Stationery/Supplies 115.01

Compass Minerals America Cover/Aggregate/Sand 1672.84

DataSpec Data Processing 898.00

Dearborn Ntnl Life Ins Life Insurance Premiums 956.56

Del-Clay Farm Equipment Repair/Maint Equip 13.76

Delaware Co Economic Dev Contribution 20000.00

Delaware Co Mem Hospital Emergency Treatment 249.00

Delaware Co Sheriff Transportation 1756.89

Delhi Lumber Materials 138.06

City of Delhi Roads 3082.46

Des Moines Stamp Mfg Co Stationery/Supplies 53.95

Digital Ally Radio & Comm 4025.00

DJ Repair Repair/Maint- Vehicle 2659.74

Dolan Insurance Agency Real Property Ins 121514.09

Don & Walt LLC Repair/Maint 2434.38

Dubuque County Sheriff Legal-Court Related Serv 34.00

Jody Elgin Buildings-Repair/Maint 393.75

Tina Elgin Custodial 500.00

Everys Auto & Tire Center Repair/Maint- Vehicle 39.84

Fastenal Company Steel-Iron-Related Metals 560.56

The Fish Shack Public Education Items 3.38

Ginter Tools LLC Minor Equip & Hand Tools 369.98

Garlyn R Glanz Postage & Mailing 6.70

Good Neighbor Society Food Preparation Services 4587.00

GreatAmerica Financial Svcs Maint-Off Equip/Furniture 81.46

Groth Services LLC Buildings 359.50

Group Services Employee Insurance 27744.68

Harrison Co Sheriff Legal-Court Related Service 41.45

Harter Custom Pumping Inc Buildings 565.00

Hausers Water Systems Inc Plumbing Repair/Maint 106.75

Helle Farm Equipment Inc Construction/Maint Equip 293.72

Henderson Products Repair/Maint- Vehicle 2057.00

Heritage Printing Printing Services 113.20

Hi-Viz Safety by Midwest Traffic & St Sign 298.80

JoEllen Holtorf Election Official 9.00

Hopkinton Municipal Utilities Utilities 156.28

IA Dept of Nat Resources Water/Medical/Health Serv 75.00

IA Law Enforcement Academy Education & Training 400.00

IA Secretary of State Notary Fee 60.00

IA Comm Assurance Pool Tort Liability Ins 1587.54

IMWCA Workmens' Comp Ins 137638.28

ISAC Education & Training 420.00

IA State Co Treasurers Assn Dues & Memberships 250.00

ISU CTRE Education & Training 170.00

John Deere Financial Minor Equip & Hand Tools 530.27

Kluesner Sanitation LLC Sanitation Disposal Serv 953.27

Elizabeth J Kruse Election Official 13.00

Lahr Repair Inc Construction/Maint Equip 899.62

Jill Lewis Buildings-Repair/Maint 150.00

Limestone Bluffs Res Consulting 5000.00

Linn Co Sheriff Transportation 51.62

L L Pelling Co Inc Roads 785.40

Loecke Enterprises Repair/Maint 1283.50

Mail Services LLC Stationery/Supplies 16.16

Maquoketa Valley REC Utilities 276.12

Matco Tools Minor Equip 14.72

Mediacom LLC Telephone Services 46.19

Matthew R Menard Employee Mileage/Subs 41.83

Midwest Business Products Maint-Off Equip 186.83

Monkeytown Supplies 125.50

Murphy Tractor & Equip Const/Maint Equip 82500.00

Nebraska-IA Industrial Shop Equipment 43.26

Neopost USA Inc Data Processing 341.64

On-Site Information Stationery/Supplies 51.52

Palmer Hardware Repair/Maint 960.36

Phoenix Supply Supplies 207.54

Precise MRM LLC Repair/Maint 376.75

Premier Parts Inc Repair/Maint-Vehicle 11.79

Price Industrial Electric Bldgs-Repair/Maint 9250.00

Ray O'Herron Co Inc Apparel & Uniform 118.59

Dan Ries Rent Payments 200.00

Rite Price Office Supply Supplies 421.95

River City Paving Roads 106530.55

Runde Auto Group Repair/Maint 242.42

Scherrmans Imp & Appl Const/Maint Equip 40.74

Schmitz Janitorial Supply Custodial Supplies 134.95

Schroeders Cash Supply Repair/Maint 119.45

Daria Therese Shahriari Court Related Serv 58.50

Silveredge Cooperative Fuels 2058.50

Solutions Inc Data Processing 56786.00

State Hygienic Lab Medical/Health Svcs 39.00

State of Iowa Elevator/Boiler Insp 250.00

Stephens Peck Inc Stationery/Supplies 90.00

Substance Abuse Services Diagnostic/Eval 125.00

The Sunshine Boy Custodial Supplies 44.00

Superior Welding Supply Rental-Machinery 120.00

Supreme Green Lawn Buildings/Grounds 4536.25

Terminal Supply Company Const/Maint Equip 72.17

Thomson Reuters – West Publications 603.03

Three Rivers FS Fuels 12005.31

Unity Point Clinic Occup/Safety 42.00

US Cellular Telephone Services 597.49

US Postmaster Postage & Mailing 234.00

Vanguard Appraisals Appraisal Services 8820.00

Courtney E Vorwald Employee Mileage/Subs 21.50

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Insurance Premium 4996.85

FE Welterlen Motors Inc Repair/Maint- Vehicle 43.20

Wilson Electric Inc Buildings 2791.40

Windstream Telephone Service 301.14

All Ayes

Motion made by Helmrichs, second by Madlom and carried to approve the following “Applications for Approval of Underground Construction within Delaware County Right-Of-Ways”:

Interstate Power and Light – Underground electric cable installed by directionally drilling in a north and south direction under 170th Street. The cable will be installed in two-inch conduit and energized at 8,000 volts. Electric service will be for a new home at 2337 170th Street located .25 miles east of Oneida in Section 5 of Oneida Township. All Ayes

Motion made by Madlom, second by Helmrichs and carried to acknowledge receipt of the following manure management plan updates: D & S (Dan & Sarah Gudenkauf) in Section 32 of Hazel Green Township; WPF-2 (Klostermann Brothers, Inc.) in Section 23 of North Fork Township; Perrinjaquet Lahr Site, LLC (Kevin Perrinjaquet) in Section 16 of Honey Creek Township; Perrinjaquet – Ries Finisher (Kevin Perrinjaquet) in Section 17 of Oneida Township; and an original manure management plan submitted by Bacon Bits (Blake Schneider) in Section 35 of Milo Township. All Ayes

Motion made by Helmrichs, second by Madlom and carried to approve the Class C Liquor License Renewal for Richard Hughes, d/b/a Smokey’s Grill, located at 22392 255th Street, Delhi. The 12-month license will be effective August 1, 2018, with outdoor service and Sunday sales privileges. All Ayes

Presentation – Flooding Issues in Masonville – Valda Schaul

Valda Schaul stated that she wanted to bring to the Board of Supervisors’ attention the flooding issues being experienced in the Masonville area. Valda states that she has lived in Masonville for 49 years and the flooding has gotten progressively worse over those years. These floods cause debris, including corn stalks and fence posts, to come onto their property. Valda indicated that they have met with FEMA officials, and were advised that their house is not in the flood plain; however, the rest of their property is in the flood plain. Valda wanted to thank Delaware County officials for doing a good job in grading the Level B road by their property and digging out the ditches. These efforts have helped; however, when heavy rains occur, flooding is still an issue. Valda doesn’t really know if there is any more Delaware County is able to do to remedy this problem, but she wants to let every agency know what is happening. Valda and her husband met with Senator Grassley’s representative recently and expressed their concerns to him. Valda feels that one of the main causes of this flooding issue is due to farming practices, such as tiling in the fields and not as many fence lines. Supervisor Helmrichs asked Valda if they have contacted the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) yet, and Valda said they are planning on doing so. Supervisor Madlom also stated that he has been contacted by Senator Grassley’s representative, and was advised that they will be looking into this issue. In closing, Valda thanked the Board for their time, and again wanted to thank Delaware County Secondary Roads for what they have done so far, and welcomed the Supervisors to drive out to view the area.

Motion made by Madlom, second by Helmrichs and carried to approve the contract with Taylor Construction, Inc., for the 195th Street Bridge Project (Project #L-B-19(02)--73-28), in the amount of $214,795.50. The late start date for this project is August 5, 2019 with 45 working days allocated for completion. All Ayes

Motion made by Helmrichs, second by Madlom and carried to set August 6, 2018, at 1:15 PM, as the date and time to receive bids for LP gas at the Secondary Road shop, Conservation building and three outlying Secondary Road Department maintainer sheds for the 2018-2019 heating season. All Ayes


Contract Rock – BARD is complete with all of their contracts. River City Stone is currently placing rock in the southwest area of the county.

X47 Paving – WK Construction started last week with the cold in place recycling of the existing asphalt. They should complete their work this week. River City Paving anticipates starting asphalt paving within a couple of weeks.

245th Ave Bridge Project – Schroeder Construction has removed the old bridge and is now working on driving substructure pilings.

NEXT MEETING - The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, August 6, 2018 at 1:15 p.m.


Motion made by Madlom, second by Helmrichs and carried to adjourn this meeting at 1:42 p.m. until the 2:00 p.m. session. All Ayes