Oelwein Accident

By: News Release
Jul 10th, 2018

On 7-9-18, at approximately 8:40 AM, the Fayette County Sheriff's Office took a 911 call of a vehicle that ran over a stop sign near the intersection of Highway 3 and Highway 150, just north of Oelwein.  Witnesses stated the vehicle nearly hit other vehicles in traffic before running over a stop sign and headed west.  At approximately 9:00 AM, Fayette County Sheriff's Office took another report of a similar vehicle near Bremer County Fayette County line on Highway 3.  Fayette County and Bremer County Deputies located the suspect vehicle 3 miles west of Oran on Highway 3.  After an investigation, Noelle Marie Borden 38 of Traer IA, was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated, a serious misdemeanor.  Borden was taken into custody and transported to Bremer County Sheriff's Office.  Borden was also charged with Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign, in Fayette County.  No injuries were sustained and damage to the 2018 jeep Cherokee was estimated at $3,000.