Services Discontinued

By: News Release
Jun 23rd, 2018

 Crossing Rivers Health leadership and Board of Directors have announced the decision to discontinue the services of Assisted Living (formerly known as Walter Schmidt Assisted Living), Home Health, Personal Home Services, and the Family Resource Center.


“Although extremely difficult, these decisions would not have been made without certainty that our communities’ needs will continue to be met,” explained Bill Sexton, Crossing Rivers Health Chief Executive Officer. “These decisions were made after an in-depth review of our services and departments, the needs of the region and the organization’s mission and strategic direction. Our primary goal is to ensure a smooth and positive transition for the residents, patients and employees of these services,” stated Sexton.


“Crossing Rivers Health is a not-for-profit organization which exists to serve the greater good. Strong financial performance is key to ensuring our future, and assuring that we’re able to reinvest in necessary programs, facility and equipment upgrades, and other capital needs,” said Sexton.


A recent financial audit conducted by Eide Bailly, an independent CPA firm, confirmed Crossing Rivers Health remains a financially sound organization. Where a Financial Strength Index score of three is considered ‘excellent’, Crossing Rivers Health achieved a score of 4.21 in 2017. 

“Some rural hospitals are facing the sad reality of cutting services due to financial difficulty, or closing their doors all together,” stated Katie Garrity, Crossing Rivers Health Board Chair. We will continue to be innovative and adapt to the health care trends and the needs of the region we serve.” Garrity added, “Being adaptive sometimes also means making difficult, yet necessary decisions, such as these.”                   


Crossing Rivers Health leadership and Board of Directors have assessed the health and wellness needs of the region and are confident that the assisted living and home health needs will continue to be met. In the case of assisted living services, Crossing Rivers Health made a major investment to address the need for a new nursing home and assisted living facility in Prairie du Chien. Across a decade spanning 1998-2008, Crossing Rivers Health, then Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital, gifted $18,000,000 to Community Health Services Corporation. The result of that gift is the Bluff Haven and Prairie Maison facility. “The current Crossing Rivers Health Assisted Living facility has served our residents well for the past 31 years, but it is a two-story facility that is in need of numerous upgrades,” said Sexton.


Through this time of change, Crossing Rivers Health is committed to ensuring the Assisted Living residents a smooth transition to their new homes. “We are working closely with the Department of Health Services through this process. An individualized resident relocation plan will be developed with input from each of our Assisted Living residents and their support networks. We look forward to working with area assisted living and nursing homes to transition our residents.” It is anticipated that the Crossing Rivers Health Assisted Living facility will close by August 31, 2018, but not until all of the residents have been successfully relocated. “The community can rest assured that the Crossing Rivers Health Childcare Center (formerly Wee Care), housed in the same building as the Assisted Living Facility, will remain in operation. “We know quality childcare is important to our community. In the future, we’ll be sharing plans to relocate Crossing Rivers Health Child Care to the medical center campus,” said Sexton.


To align with industry trends, Crossing Rivers Health will work to address the home health and personal home service needs of area residents through their primary care clinics and outpatient services. As a result of discontinuation of Home Health and Personal Home Services, a restructure of the Hospice program is necessary.


“We will confidently transition our Home Health and Personal Home Services patients into the capable and caring hands of other area agencies,” explained Sexton. “Furthermore, Hospice patients and their loved ones will not see any change in service or interruption in care as a result of the restructure. In addition, Crossing Rivers Health is committed to providing support services to area families and will work to transition the vital programs of the Family Resource Center through collaboration with area agencies.”


The Family Resource Center was established in 1990 through grant funding from the Children’s Trust Fund. Once fully funded through grant dollars that depleted in 2008, the services of the Family Resource Center have continued to be funded primarily by Crossing Rivers Health. It is anticipated that the Family Resource Center will be closing on August 31, 2018.


Crossing Rivers Health was established in 1957 as Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital, with a staff of 29 people. Of the now 350 employees, 20 positions will be eliminated as a result of these organizational changes. “We pride ourselves on having the best, most compassionate staff,” shared Sexton. “We are committed to our valued employees who are affected and have made every effort to minimize the burden resulting from these decisions. Each of the affected employees is eligible to receive a generous severance and benefits package, determined by years of service to the organization.” 

Crossing Rivers Health currently provides more than 100 services to the region, including primary care clinics, specialty services, surgery, medical imaging, rehabilitation, emergency, and urgent care. The organization has recently made major investments in a new medical center, robotic surgical equipment, a number of outpatient specialty providers and a robust new Electronic Health Record.


“To be sustainable into the future, we must continue to be innovative and adapt to the healthcare trends and the needs of the region we serve,” stated Sexton. He added, “Although extremely difficult, Crossing Rivers Health remains confident that these actions will ensure our continued financial strength and help us to secure our future as the healthcare provider of choice for the region and those we serve. The ongoing implementation of strategic plans will allow us to continue to take important steps and pursue additional growth opportunities that will ultimately lead to an even brighter future for our organization.”


Questions or comments are welcome and may be directed to William Sexton, Chief Executive Officer, at 608.357.2236 or email