West Union Council

By: KCTN News
Jun 23rd, 2018

Council Chambers, City Hall, June 18, 2018, 6:00 P.M.

West Union City Council met June 18, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at Council Chambers with Mayor Adam Keller presiding, and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance Roll call: Present –Smith, Granger, Stansbery, Gumm. Absent: Bentley and City Administrator Nick McIntyre

Approval of the Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to approve the agenda Agenda with amending #16 to an update, as no motion is needed. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of the Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Stansbery, to approve minutes of

Minutes the June 4, 2018 regular meeting as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Approve Resol. Aaron Detter, UERPC, presented the Fayette County Hazard Mitigation plan which

2018-58 Adopting has been accepted by FEMA, and asked for council approval. Gumm asked if

The Hazard McIntyre and new council had done the ISO testing to be in compliance, Johansen

Mitigation Plan will check into. Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Granger, to approve

Resolution 2018-58 as presented. All Aye. Carried.

No Approval on Discussed plan for Ray’s Excavating to finish at the WWTP, and the penalty that

Payment to Ray’s could be assessed. Ray apologized for the delays and lack of communication and

Excavating will follow up with Lucas at Fehr Graham to get completed within the next couple

weeks. Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to table payment until

next meeting. All Aye. Carried. Council requested no further engineering be paid

either, and to have Lucas attend the next meeting.

Approve Contract We currently do not have officers in the Police Union, but need to keep updated

With Teamsters in case any officers decide to enroll. Motion to approve was made by Stansbery,

seconded by Smith. All Aye. Carried.

Close Session with Makenz Kriener requested to go into closed session with Council to discuss his

Makenz Kriener termination. Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to approve

moving to closed session. All Aye. Carried. Public left the room at 6:20 p.m.

At 6:53 p.m., motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to reopen the

meeting. All Aye. Carried. Motion was then made by Stansbery, seconded by

Granger, to table the termination until next meeting. All Aye. Carried.

Motion was then made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger, to table issue of

collecting expenses from Kriener for the academy. All Aye. Carried.

Gumm made a motion to table the Posting and Filing for new officer, Stansbery

seconded. All Aye. Carried.

Approve 28E for Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Granger, to approve a 28E Agreement

Mutual Assistance for Mutual Assistance for the Northeast Iowa Area Law Enforement as presented.

With Area Law All Aye. Carried.


Update on SRF Iowa DNR offers a Water Quality Sponsored Program along with the State

Water Resource Revolving Loan Program which restructures the interest on the loan in exchange

Restoration for doing a water quality improvement project. Some ideas would be the City

Sponsored Projects Hall parking lot, Otter Creek bank stabilization, Hwy 150 & 18 east and west ditch

drainage, and drainage behind Palmer Apartments. Biederman advised we need to

pre-apply, so need to decide soon. Biederman will follow up with Starks and


Resolution 2018-57 This agreement is to continue the Main Street Iowa program with IEDA, the City of

Approving Main St. West Union and Main Street West Union from July, 2018-December, 2019. Cathy

Program Agreement Bemiss asked a few questions on bringing the Main Street Director under the City

and how benefits would work, as they are required to do 25 hours for Main Street.

Johansen advised that would need to be looked into further. Motion to approve the

annual agreement was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm. All Aye. Carried.

Re-Appoint Lois Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to approve another term for

McElvania & Sherri Lois McElvania & Sherri Imoehl to the Library Board of Trustees, for a term of

Imoehl to Library six years. All Aye. Carried.

Automatic Sampler Scott Johansen advised Council this was equipment needed for testing, and he

At WWTP has it installed and working. Cost was $5,463.15 and purchased through Hach.

Approve 2018 Starks presented his 2018 seal coating for $35,411.90, which includes alleys

Seal Coating between Rickel and State Street, between Auburn and State Street, and between

Cedar and Cook Street, and streets on the north side of town. Motion was made by

Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to approve as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Approve Quillins This was inadvertently missed previously. Motion was made by Stansbery,

Liquor License seconded by Gumm, to approve as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Approve June Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to approve June, 2018

Expenditures expenditures totaling $642,303.35 as presented. All Aye. Carried.


Abby Reinking – Reimburse $ 100.00

Acco – Chlorine 3,587.00

Advanced Systems – Copiers $ 79.62

Advanced Systems-Texas – Copier 94.18

Aflac – Insurance 175.08

AgVantage FS – LP 72.32

Allamakee-Clayton – Loan 3,000.00

Allamakee-Clayton Elec – Electric 2,960.09

Alliant –Electric 10,072.69

Amazon – Books 321.78

American Legion – Flags 298.00

Amie Johansen – Dental 110.00

Appliance Plus – TIF, Phone 3,206.90

Arch Chemicals – Gauges 98.00

Baker Ent. – Adams St. 39,320.09

Bank 1st – GO Bond 120,086.25

Bankers Trust – GO-Streetscape, Water Revenue 275,108.75

Baumler Imp – TIF, Parts 9,131.66

Black Hawk Waste – Garbage 70.00

Black Hills – Gas 619.48

Bodensteiner Imp – Parts 451.67

BP – Fuel 304.69

Bruce Zeller – Sidewalk 1,151.42

Bruening Rock – Stone, Sand 1,922.73

Bryan Heavy Equip – Parts 55.92

Casey’s – TIF 7,953.52

CenturyLink – Phone 1,057.09

Child’s World – Books 163.72

City Laundry – Uniforms 438.57

Dale Bilden – Janitorial 150.00

Data Tech – Software 571.25

Doug Harris – Dental 686.08

E.F.T.P.S- Payroll Taxes 12,444.92

Electronic Engineering – Parts 54.00

Elwood – Legal Fees 450.00

Fauser – Fuel 2,445.22

Fay. Co. Auditor – Geo Elec 215.54

FCED – Fees 715.88

Fay. Co Union – Publications 547.07

Fayette Publishing – Fees 25.00

Fehr Graham – Engineering 4,682.00

Gage & Gage – Repairs 181.73

Gale – Books 99.97

Galls – Shirts 324.50

Garvin & Moser – TIF 6,023.04

Hach – Chemicals 218.50

Hawkeye Communication – Alarms 1,217.46

Hawkeye InterConnect – Internet 111.67

Hawkins – Cylinders 888.90

Heather Becthold – Reimburse 230.05

Hometown Pest – Pest Control 175.00

Ingram – Books 60.50

Iowa City Mgr Assoc – Dues $ 120.00

IFA – Sewer Loan 13,522.48

Iowa One Call – Locates 154.30

Iowa Secretary of State – Fees 10.00

IPERS - 8,222.75

Jay’s Auto – Service 56.84

JEO – Engineering 734.79

John Deere Credit Union – Supplies 284.55

Joe Breuer – Light 180.43

Kathleen Guyer – Postage 72.00

Keystone Lab – Tests 233.20

Law Enforcement – Door Hangers 70.00

LeRoy Soppe – Airport, Fire 760.00

Marco – Copier 169.75

Martin Brothers – Supplies 88.50

McJ’s – T-shirts 1,430.00

Mick Gage – Restrooms 240.00

Mike Heins – Repairs 770.67

Myers-Cox – Concessions 2,491.70

NAPA – Parts 474.60

NEIA Mechanical – Furnaces 23,385.15

North Central Labs – BOD 133.32

NF Fitness – TIF 177.70

Northern Lights – Concessions 720.49

Oelwein Daily Register – Subscription 45.00

Old Mill Floral – Johansen 43.50

Petty Cash – Postage 355.27

Pro Earth – Mulch 15.89

Quillin’s – Supplies 274.16

Rite Price – Office Supplies 127.11

Riverland Expressions – Glasses 767.34

Schwan’s – Concessions 306.04

Shelly Kingsley – Downtown Maint., Janitorial 925.00

Shield Tech. – Software 1,162.50

Signs by Design – Signs 742.50

Speicher – Sewer Improvements 5,416.90

State Hygenic Lab – Testing 71.50

Superior Lamp – Lights 245.32

Take A Shot – Ammo 1,041.90

TestAmerica – Testing 812.33

Tom Luhman –Firemen Compensation 576.00

Treasurer, State of Iowa –State WH, Sales Tax 4,172.32

United Dairy – TIF 625.40

Unum Life – Disab & Life 361.19

UERPC – RLF Expenses 152.10

US Cellular – Cell Phones 382.80

US Postmaster – Postage 354.55

USA BlueBook – Supplies 108.03

Verizon – Phones 184.51

VISA – Supplies 1,847.42

Waterloo Tent & Tarp – Repair 390.00

West Union District Energy – Geo 267.00

WU Hardware – Supplies 273.63

West Union Motor Supply – Parts 732.86

Wex Bank – Fuel 1,431.26

Wilbur Ford – Repair 557.76

WU Dental – TIF 2,343.94

Total Payroll 41,048.24

TOTAL CLAIMS $ 642.303.35


General $ 164,253.75

Util Billing 76,136.88

TOTAL RECEIPTS $ 240,390.63

Next Council Next regular council meeting will be Monday, July 2, 2018, at 6:00 pm

Meeting in Council Chambers.

Adjourn With no further business to bring before the Council, a motion was made

by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to adjourn. All Aye. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m.