Scavanger Hunt

By: News Release
Apr 24th, 2018

The McGregor Achievement Club hosted their 3rd Annual Scavenger Hunt in McGregor on Sat. April 21st. Seven (7) teams participated and in order to get bonus points, teams were encouraged to bring items to be donated to the Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter. Kris Eulberg, Sec/Treas dropped off the items to the animal shelter on April 23rd. Attached is a photo of the donated items along with Bev Pozega Vice Pres of the Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter Board, Ellie a Shiba Inu who is available for adoption, and Shelly Rider, volunteer.

The teams also raised $328 for the McGregor Achievement Club as part of their tasks.

The McGregor Achievement Club and Rivers and Bluffs Animal Shelter would like to thank all participants for their generous donations and making our event a success.