Grant Releases

By: News Release
Apr 24th, 2018

Two vehicle crash
On Monday 16 April 2018 at approximately 8:25 p.m., Kieryn Aigner (28) of Platteville was traveling south on STH 80/81 on the wrong side of the median. When she passed the curb median, Aigner over corrected and lost control of the vehicle attempting to get back to the correct side of the road. Aigner's 2002 Chevy Cobalt slid into Jessica J Thompson (22) of Platteville who was stopped at the stop sign on the 151 north bound off ramp waiting to turn north on Sth 80/81. Thompson stated she could see what was going to happen and started to back up to avoid the crash, but Aigner's vehicle crashed into the front of Thompson's 2007 KIA Spectra. Both vehicle sustained damage but were able to be driven from the scene. Aigner's three year old passenger, who was in a rear facing car seat was not injured. The passenger who was in
Thompson's vehicle also did not have any injuries. Aigner was cited for operating left of center and failure to have vehicle under control.
On April 19, 2018 at 6:22 A.M., the Grant County Sheriff's was dispatched dispatched to a dairy farm on Milner Ln. in Little Grant Township, regarding two dogs attacking several Holstein calves. A sheriff's deputy responded, as well as veterinarian with the Lancaster Vet Clinic.  Upon the deputies arrival, the dogs had since fled from the scene. A search of the area was conducted and several neighbors, businesses, and the township patrolman were contacted, which yielded no additional information. The veterinarian had to put down nine calves, due to the injuries sustained in the dog attack. The sheriff's office continued searching the area for the owner of the dogs. Several hours later, the owner, Benuel Smucker, 34 of rural Mount Hope, was located and informed the deputy that the dogs belonged to him. Mr. Smucker was charged with Dogs running at large, Untagged Dogs, and Dogs Causing Injury-Without Notice. Mr. Smucker is in contact with the owner of the
calves and is in agreement to take care of the damages his dogs caused.
Two vehicle crash with injuries
On April 19, 2018 at approximately 7:10 a.m., Lisa Kruel, 48 of Boscobel, was stopped in traffic waiting to make a left turn on Hwy 61 in Marion Township. Another unknown truck was stopped behind Lisa's vehicle. Jason Robey, 27 of Dubuque, IA, was also northbound on Hwy 61. Jason saw the vehicles stopped and attempted to slow down. Jason's 2000 International truck started sliding on the icy road. Jason was unable to stop his vehicle. Lisa turned left and the unknown truck went around. Jason's truck struck Lisa's vehicle causing her 2015 Jeep to go into the ditch and overturn. Lisa and Jason were both transported by Boscobel EMS for injuries. Jason's vehicle sustained moderate damage. Lisa's vehicle sustained severe damage. Assisting at the scene was Boscobel Fire and EMS, State Patrol, Terry's Tire, and Doan's Towing.  The crash remains under investigation
Hit and Run and Road Rage
On April 22, 2018 at about 3:36 PM the Grant County Sheriff's Office was notified of a hit and run crash on the Platteville side of the Ellenboro Hill on Hwy 81. The investigating deputy learned that Zachary Cunningham, 26, of Waukesha, was driving his 2002 Mini Cooper going east on Hwy 81 just off of Hwy 61. Jeremy Conley, 31, of Boscobel, was driving his 2005 Chevy Equinox in front of Cunningham. Cunningham passed Conley in a legal passing zone. Cunningham said that Conley sped up as he was passing him and was not allowing him to re-enter the east bound lane. He was able to "edge over" and get in front of Conley's vehicle. They continued east on Hwy 81. When they reached Hwy 81 just east of Ellenboro Rd, where east bound Hwy 81 divides to two lanes, Cunningham signaled left to merge to that lane to pass a semi-truck that was going slow in front of him. Cunningham said that Conley's vehicle then struck the rear driver's side of his car as Conley had pulled out to pass Cunningham's vehicle. Conley then continued to pass Cunningham, "flipping him off" and then continued away from the crash scene.  Cunningham pulled over and called 9-1-1.
Cunningham was able to provide a description of the vehicle and driver that had struck him. This information was forwarded to the Platteville  Police Department. Officers from PLPD were able to locate the Conley's vehicle traveling through the city. They stopped and detained Conley until the deputy arrived.  The deputy spoke with Conley who admitted to all of the accusations made by Cunningham and said that he was just having a lot of frustrations with things going on in his personal life.  Neither of the drivers was injured in the crash and they were the only occupants of the vehicles. Based on the investigation, the deputy will be referring Conley to the Grant County District Attorney's Office for a charge of Hit and Run to Attended Vehicle, a misdemeanor and with Reckless Driving. He was issued a written warning for Failing to Yield to Passing Vehicle and Passing a Vehicle Signaling a Left Turn.  The Sheriff's Office was assisted by the Platteville Police Department and Precision Towing of Platteville for Cunningham's vehicle