Clayton Ridge Board

By: KCTN News
Apr 13th, 2018

The Clayton Ridge School Board approved the district budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget totals 15.8-million with a tax levy rate of $10.94-per thousand.

The Board approved a 2.25-percent package increase with the Education Association and a 3.6-percent package increase for support staff. The Board also approved administrative and non-union increases of around one-to-two percent.

The early retirement of Connie Christianson was approved. Tadd Schutte resigned as Middle School Boys Track Coach, J-T Cunningham was named Head Wrestling Coach.

The Board approved 88-thousand dollars in purchases for the Weight Room and 27-thousand dollars for flooring work in the Middle School.

The Clayton Ridge Board met tonight and acted on the following:

1)  Approved a weight room quote from 2nd Wind Exercise in the amount of $88,014.56.
2)  Approved a quote from V.I.P.S in the amount of $27,415 for flooring in the middle school
3)  Accepted the resignation and early retirement application of Connie Christianson
4)  Accepted the resignation from Tadd Schutte as middle school boys track coach.
5)  Approved the transfer of J.T. Cunningham from the assistant to the head wrestling coach
6)  Approved a technology lease with Apple in the amount of $249,334.43.  (4 annual payments of $57,523)
7)  Approved a payment to Estes in the amount of $45,750
8)  Denied 30 open enrollments into the Iowa Virtual Academy due to resident district denials and no proper special education program to meet the needs of the students
9)  Approved the 2018-2019 district calendar with the following amendment:  change the fall parent/teacher conference dates from Oct. 30 and Nov. 1 to Oct. 9 and 11
  with the 12th as a teacher comp day
10) Approved the FY19 District Budget with  $15,839,231 total expenditures and a tax levy rate of $10.93752/per $1,000 taxable valuation
11) Approved the CREA and CRESPA master contracts and handbooks reflecting a 2.25% package increase for CREA and a 3.6% package increase for CRESPA
12) Approved the administrative and non-union pay increases as follows:
Shane Wahls - 1.12% increase towards insurance with the ability to sell back up to 5 personal days at $100/day
     Dave Schlueter - 1.0% increase towards insurance
     Andy Peterson, Wade Marlow, Kip Jackson, Terry Jasper, Jerry Christianson - 2.25% increase
Lynette Pritchard - 2.25% increase with 2 additional personal days with the ability to carry them over
    Shirley Balk, Angel Burgin, Michele VonHandorf - $.30/hr increase
13) Approved the distribution of 18-19 contracts for certified, support, extra curricular and administrative/non union employees
14) Approved a 4-day, full day pre-school program as well as a 2-day, full day program to accommodate parent preferences
15) Approved a resolution providing for the issuance of a promissory note, authorizing and approving a loan agreement and providing for the levy of a tax for the payment there of.
16) Approved the 2016-17 district audit
17) Approved an agreement with Becky Dempster to rent her barn for 6 months to store items to be auctioned off for a cost of $1,200 and 10% of the proceeds from the auction
18) Amended the maximum depository amounts in the three banks from 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 due to the facility project
19) Approved changing the contract with Medical Associates to a 4-tier plan from a 2-tier plan effective July 1
20) Approved a Retirement Investor Club Agreement with the Iowa Department of Administrative Services so employees can contribute to Tax Sheltered Annuities
21) Approved a corporate bank resolution with Fidelity Bank
22) Approved contracting with Wayne Callender for up to 3 days in the 2018-19 year
23) Authorized Superintendent Wahls to approve change orders for up to $25,000