Solar Workshop

By: News Release
Apr 12th, 2018

To advance their mission, Northeast Iowa community leaders and decision makers are invited to an important “Solar Energy For Non-taxable Entities...Let’s Get Started” workshop, Friday, May 4th at Keystone AEA, 1400 N. 2nd St, Elkader.

The workshop will explore the financial and environmental benefits of solar power for non-taxable entities(NTEs) and various strategies for how and why NTEs can afford and should consider, a solar energy system, including the use of public infrastructure funds, endowments and the use of power purchase agreements (PPAs).

A PPA allows a non-taxable entity to "go solar" without investing funds, and to indirectly benefit from the tax credits. Outright ownership also carries benefits, and with low prices it is increasingly considered by NTEs. The workshop will include Iowa solar success case studies and strategies.

These cost saving solar power strategies will be useful and appropriate for any size and scale NTE in northeast Iowa. No operation is too big or too small to consider solar energy.  


Clayton County Energy District program manager, Joleen Jansen explains, “When organizations pay less for energy, it equals more for the mission, which is better for the community, and this is ultimately better for the world. We hope anyone serving on a church, school, hospital, nursing home, county or fair board, or on a town council and local officials will consider attending this workshop for the good of their organization. The workshop presentations will step out the technical and financial considerations of going solar.”

Iowa based solar developers and workshop sponsors Eagle Point Solar and Energy Consultants Group will be on hand to talk about their “turn key” options for going solar.


This FREE workshop will host 100 seats and includes lunch. Attendees should feel welcome to attend the portion of the workshop which applies to their mission. To reserve your seat, register online or by email/phone with the information below: | Text: 563.880.7915

To maximize the use of time, prior to the workshop, registrants might consider studying their NTE annual energy use and cost.

Who: School district leaders, facility managers, county supervisors, local government officials, board members, investors, church leaders, hospital and nursing home administrators, non profit directors
What: Solar power workshop & vendor fair for non-taxable entities and investors
When: Friday, May 4th; 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Where:  Keystone AEA, 1400 N 2nd St, Elkader, IA
Why: Paying less for energy = more for your mission = better for the community = better for the world
How: Presentations include "going solar" technical and financial considerations, Iowa case studies, developer offerings, and more
Cost: FREE and includes refreshments and lunch


Tentative Workshop Schedule

8:30 Vendor Fair & Networking Social

9:30 Welcome

9:40 Solar Energy 101 for NTE

10:00 City of Cresco’s Story – City Councilperson, Amy Bouska

10:30 break

10:45 The Luther College Story – PPA Investor, Larry Grimstad

11:15 Jon Muller, Iowa School Finance Information Services & tentatively WACO School District

12:00 Lunch/Vendor Fair

1:00 Reduce before you Produce/EE

1:20 Iowa Interfaith Power and Light, Iowa church case studies Sarah Paulos, Program Coordinator

2:00 Solar Developer/PPA Vendor TED Talks

Vendor Fair & Networking Social