Telecommunications Week

By: News Release
Apr 11th, 2018

The second week of April is recognized each year as “National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week”, bringing well deserved attention and recognition to the public safety dispatchers who are an invaluable part of the emergency response team. Assuring rapid response by police, fire, and medical personnel in the midst of emergencies, the men and women who take 911 calls and send assistance are often overlooked for the critical role that they play in coordinating first response and lifesaving efforts.


Clayton County dispatchers respond quickly to unexpected emergencies, every single day. They play a crucial role in the lifesaving process, providing an invaluable connection between emergency services and the people who need them. The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office is thankful for the men and women who shoulder this responsibility and we recognize the invaluable assistance that they provide us in effectively protecting our community.  Sheriff Michael Tschirgi stated “Telecommunicators play the most important role in public safety by gathering necessary information to get the public help in a time of crisis and protecting first responders. I would like to thank each and every telecommunicator not only within our department, but throughout the nation for the exceptional service they provide.”


Telecommunicators Week began in California in 1981 and quickly grew to become a national week of recognition. Just ten years later, Congress officially designated the second week of each April as a time to remember the critical role that dispatchers play in keeping us all safe.