West Union Council

By: KCTN News
Mar 27th, 2018

Council Chambers, City Hall, March 19, 2018, 6:00 P.M.

West Union City Council met March 19, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. in Council Chambers. Mayor Adam Keller began with citing the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance Roll call: Present – Council members Stansbery, Granger, Bentley, Smith, and Gumm Absent: None

Approval of the Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Gumm, to approve the agenda

Agenda as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Approval of the Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to approve minutes of

Minutes the March 5, 2018 regular meeting. All Aye. Carried.

Discuss Nicotine Jess Wegner, Palmer Community Health, and Tessa Willie, Helping Services

In the City Parks for NEIA, provided handouts requesting the City to partner in another step to a

healthier community by posting no nicotine use in our city parks. Willie

offered to provide the signage at no cost. Council agreed to proceed with

bringing a resolution to the next meeting for approval.

Resol. 2018-42 Jon Biederman, Fehr Graham, presented a drawing of the priority areas of

Approving Sanitary infiltration problems and where CIIP lining can be used to repair. He would

Sewer Improvements like to send out to contractors next week, receive bids in April 13, and have the

public hearing on April 16. Project should be completed this summer. Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger to approve as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Equalization & UV Lucas Elsbernd, Fehr Graham, advised the Equalization bin and UV project is

Project Update substantially complete except for the actuator valve which had a long lead

time to get. Completion date was March 6, missing the March 1 required date.

Council was asked if they want to charge back for those days, and council

agreed to table until we hear if DNR charges us for it. Scott Johansen,

Wastewater Superintendent advised the contractor still has a lot of little things

to tie up yet.

Review Project Elsbernd, Fehr Graham, presented the detailed map and cost estimates for the

Costs For New new WWTP totaling $6,528,000. Next step will be proposal and design

WWTP specifics. McIntyre spoke with Allamakee-REC to discuss solar panels. We

would need to find an investor to purchase the power from as the City cannot

apply for tax credits.

Approve Test & Britt Dyke requested to host a Test & Tune Stock Car Show on April 14th

Tune on S Vine from 10am-2pm, and close both sides of South Vine Street from Plum and

Vine intersection up to the alley past China Kitchen. Motion was made by

Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to approve as requested. All Aye. Carried.

No Approval for Tim Bruihler presented a plan to build storage units on his lot in the Industrial

Bruihler TIF Park to the TIF committee. The TIF committee recommends Council not to

approve as a TIF project, as there will be no jobs created. Motion was made

by Gumm, seconded by Bentley, to approve the recommendation by the TIF

committee and not administer a TIF for the storage buildings. Granger

abstained; Rest All Aye. Carried.

Resol. 2018-37 Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to approve pay estimate

To Pay Ray’s #5 to Ray’s Excavating for the Equalization Bin and UV at the WWTP. All

Excavating Aye. Carried.

Resolution 2018-38 Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to approve Resolution

To Set Letting Date 2018-38 setting the letting date for April 16, 2018 at 2pm, and Public Hearing

And Public Hearing date for the Airport Fuel Farm for April 16, 2018 at 6pm. All Aye. Carried.

For Airport Fuel Farm

Resolution 2018-39 McIntyre advised with mowing season typically starting in April, he

Approving Inter- would like to use the City Hall Parking lot improvement money to do

Fund Loan for and inter-fund loan with Cemetery and Park & Rec to purchase the mowers

Mowers now and they would pay that back from the new budget in July. Motion was

made by Granger, seconded by Stansbery, to approve. All Aye. Carried.

Resolution 2018-41 McIntyre has been in discussion with Sheriff Marty Fisher regarding the

Approving Sale of right-of-way to the west of the sheriff’s office that was proposed as a future

Property to Fay. Co. road in the Industrial Park. Fisher agreed to deed the 1.3 acres of land owned

Sheriff’s Office by Fayette County to Main Street West Union Community Development

for $1, in exchange for a quit claim deed from the City for the .6 acres west of

the sheriff’s office for $1. Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Bentley, to approve as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Hire Reserve Chief Paul Becthold advised council he is in need of reserve officers, and has

Officers had 4 approach him requesting the position. After some discussion, council

tabled to review the union contract first.

Approve Nicole Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Smith, to approve Nicole Meyer

Meyer to Park & Rec to replace Emily Koch on the Park & Rec Board effective March 19, 2018.

Mayor Adam Keller thanked Emily for her time served on the board.

All Aye. Carried.

Approve Application Iowa DNR offers a Derelict Building Grant to Cities for buildings that have

To IDNR Derelict been closed for at least 6 months to assist in rehab of the buildings. Casey

Building Grant McDerMott has asked the City to partner this grant with him on the Alco

building at 307 Hwy 150 North to repair the roof. He will reimburse for any

costs the City would incur to utilize the matching grant. After some

discussion, Gumm made a motion to approve applying for the grant and

proceed as requested, Granger seconded. All Aye. Carried.

Approve March Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Bentley, to approve March

Expenditures Expenditures totaling $155,823.27. All Aye. Carried.


A-1 Vacuum – Bags $ 24.95

Advanced Systems – Copiers $ 94.62

Advanced Systems-Texas – Copier 100.64

Aflac – Insurance 238.14

All Stop – Fuel 1,006.35

Allamakee-Clayton – Loan 3,000.00

Allamakee-Clayton Elec – Electric 3,100.72

Alliant –Electric 9,399.60

Amazon – Books 164.16

Amie Johansen – Dental Claim 290.97

Andy Larson – Dental Claim 521.55

Barco – Supplies 161.36

Baumler – Parts 828.24

Benjamin A. Hill – Subscription 228.00

Black Hawk County Health – Permit 67.50

Black Hills – Gas 2,884.66

Blue Cross – Health Insurance 17,436.74

BP – Fuel 224.91

Bruening Rock – Rock 405.33

California Contractors – Blade 119.70

Carpenter Uniform – Shirts 80.37

CenturyLink – Phone 997.46

City Laundry – Uniforms 438.66

Compass Creative – Theatre 725.00

DEMCO – Supplies 154.26

Detroit Industrial Tool – Supplies 202.29

E.F.T.P.S- Payroll Taxes 11,448.35

Earl’s Locksmith – Locks 295.50

Echo Valley Metalworks – Steel 90.00

Elwood – Legal Fees 530.00

Fauser – Diesel 1,136.66

Fay. Co. Auditor – Geo Elec 673.01

Fay. Co. Road – Bridge Inspect 1,590.00

Fay. Co. Treasurer – Property Taxes 2,178.00

Fay. Co Union – Publications 308.11

Fayette Electronics – Radio 315.50

Fehr Graham – Engineering 17,584.75

Gale – Books 720.00

Galls – Uniforms 432.45

General Traffic Controls – Gridsmart 950.00

Hawkeye InterConnect – Internet 111.67

Hometown Pest Control – Pest Control 40.00

Iowa DOT – Testing 582.66

IA DNR – Lab Cert. 400.00

Ingram – Books 362.43

IAMU – Dues 711.69

IA Dept of Public Health – Pool Registration 70.00

IA Insurance – Cemetery Report 66.00

Iowa Park & Rec – Workshop 335.00

Iowa Prison – Uniforms 225.00

IPERS - 11,881.08

Jay’s Automotive – Repairs 179.15

John Deere Credit Union – Supplies 405.79

Keystone Lab – Tests 233.20

Lechtenberg Janitorial – Supplies 149.70

LeRoy Soppe – Airport, Fire 760.00

Makenz Kriener – Vision Claim 119.84

Marco – Copier 162.93

Martin Brothers – Water 160.82

Mediacom – Internet 95.90

Mid-America – Supplies 432.52

Municipal Supply – Parts 1,860.90

NAPA – Parts 21.23

North Central Labs – Supplies 52.91

On Site Information – Shredding 178.56

Palmer – Physical, Drug Test 305.83

Paul Becthold – Vision Claim 178.00

Quillin’s – Supplies 24.37

Rite Price – Supplies 395.03

Sims – Supplies 99.97

Stanard & Assoc. – Test 26.00

State Hygenic Lab – Testing 58.50

Take A Shot – 9mm Gun 312.00

Teamsters – Union Dues 95.24

TestAmerica – Testing 268.70

TIFCO – Parts 127.11

Tom Luhman –Firemen Compensation 780.00

Treasurer, State of Iowa –State WH, Sales Tax 5,260.98

Truck Country – Supplies 1,951.56

UnityPoint Clinic – Dues 37.00

Unum Life – Disab & Life Insurance 362.54

UERPC – Fees 453.15

US Cell – Phones 766.36

US Postmaster – Postage 448.30

USA BlueBook – Supplies 257.17

Utility Equip. – Parts 172.81

Verizon – Phones 379.18

VISA – Supplies 2,119.15

Volga Valley Conservation – Dues 150.00

Walvatne Elec. – Lamps 306.54

Wayne’s Upholstery – Repairs 83.13

West Union District Energy – Geo 155.00

WU Motor Supply – Parts 153.63

WU Motors – Repairs 168.31

Wex Bank – Fuel 2,579.25

Woodard Insurance – Insurance 29.00

Woodland Eye Clinic – Eye Exam 165.00

Total Payroll 36,527.66

TOTAL CLAIMS $ 155,823.27


General $ 80,140.40

Util Billing 73,184.99

TOTAL RECEIPTS $ 153,325.39

Next Council Next regular council meeting will be Monday, April 2, 2018, at 6:00 pm

Meeting in Council Chambers.

Adjourn With no further business to bring before the Council, a motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Smith, to adjourn. All Aye. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.