Sheriff Announces

By: News Release
Mar 13th, 2018

Sheriff Nate Dreckman has announced his intention to run for re-election as Sheriff of Grant County.  “It has truly been an honor to serve as Sheriff of Grant County for the past five and a half years. I want to continue working with citizens of Grant County to provide quality law enforcement services, maintain transparency and work with local partners to battle the opioid and methamphetamine epidemic,” stated Sheriff Dreckman.

Over the past 5 ½ years serving as Sheriff, there have been a variety of victories and challenges within Grant County.  Sheriff Dreckman has been instrumental in the development of programs encouraging the members of the Sheriff’s Office to become engaged with the community.  Sheriff Dreckman started the Sheriff’s Office’s Shop with a Cop program, which operates two events each year.  Sheriff Dreckman has also promoted community engagement by encouraging the Deputies to get out of their squad cars and talk with business owners and citizens.  There have been several high profile incidents that were handled with professionalism and integrity by members of the Sheriff’s Office.  “Each major incident we experienced over the past several years challenged all of us at the Sheriff’s Office, but we maintained transparency and worked with diligence to properly investigate each one.  This is a testament to the men and women who work at the Sheriff’s Office,” stated Sheriff Nate Dreckman

Sheriff Dreckman is looking forward to serving as Grant County Sheriff for the next four years, as it will include the transition to the new jail facility.  “I am looking forward to continue serving as Grant County Sheriff, as I am proud to protect and serve the citizens of Grant Country,” stated Sheriff Nate Dreckman.  

Sheriff Dreckman welcomes the opportunity to talk with the citizens of Grant County and can be reached via email at: