Road Embargo

By: News Release
Mar 6th, 2018

WHEREAS: The Clayton County Board of Supervisors recognizes the severity of the past winter and its effect on certain roads during the period of thawing this spring, and

WHEREAS: Sections 321.236(8), 321.255, 321.471, and 321.473 of the Code of Iowa provide the authority for local authorities to impose restrictions as to the weight of vehicles to be operated on any highway under their jurisdiction and Section 321.463 establishes the penalty for violating said restrictions.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Clayton County, Iowa that the following weight restrictions are in effect for the period of 90 days from March 5, 2018, or until rescinded by the removal of signs by the proper authority, if conditions warrant an earlier date:

10‑Ton Limit Complete Listing of Roads to be embargoed


Road name / number




190th St

Intersection with Hwy 13, T94, R4, Sec 17

Intersection with Hwy 52, T94, R4, Sec15


Jolly Ridge Rd

Intersection with Osterdock Rd, T92, R2, Sec30

Intersection with Hwy 52 T92, R2, Sec33


232nd St

Intersection with Hwy 52 T93, R3, Sec7

Intersection with Clayton Rd T93, R3, Sec10


Ironwood Ave

Intersection with Garber Rd, T92, R3,

Sec 30

Intersection with Hwy 128 T93, R4, Sec 10


120th Street

Intersection with Gunder Rd, T95N,R6W, Sec 9 & 10

Fayette County line, T95N, R6W, Sec 7 & 18


Emblem Road

Intersection with Hwy 13, T92, R5, Sec 17

Intersection with Evergreen Rd, T92, R5, Sec 22


215th St

Intersection with Hwy 52, T94, R4, Sec 36

Intersection with Clayton Rd, T93, R3, Sec 3


Eagle Drive

Intersection with Hwy 18, T95, R3, Sec 21

Intersection with 138th St, T95, R3, Sec 21


145th, 148th, Froelich Rd

Intersection with Hwy 18 on old Hwy 18 stub