Manchester Vandalism

By: News Release
Feb 13th, 2018

The Manchester Police Department received numerous complaints of vandalism on, or about January 27, 2018. All the incidents of vandalism stemmed from property being shot with BBs. An investigation uncovered two juveniles were responsible for the damage throughout the community. During the investigation officers received information the BB guns used to cause the damage were stolen from a local store. Twelve victims reported damage to their property, which included several buildings and two vehicles with windows shot out. Law enforcement believes the total damage will exceed one thousand dollars but does not believe it will exceed ten thousand dollars. We have not received all the estimates for the damage that was caused. One of the vehicles was being driven at the time it sustained damage. The bedroom window of a witness in an unrelated crime was also damaged by BB gun fire. Law enforcement believes this act was intended to intimidate the witness.




2nd Degree Criminal Mischief a Class D Felony

Assault with a Dangerous Weapon an Aggravated Misdemeanor

Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon a Class C Felony

Tampering with a Witness an Aggravated Misdemeanor

5th Degree Theft a Simple Misdemeanor