Bergan Report

By: News Release
Feb 3rd, 2018

Greetings from the State House
Winter continues for another six weeks as the sunshine casts the groundhog’s shadow. The Legislature will continue for another 10 weeks or so. Committee activity has increased with subcommittee and committee work on bills. I managed two bills through state government committee this week. On Tuesday, the committee passed the State Auditor’s bill and on Thursday, the Secretary of State’s technical clean-up bill was approved. Both bills will move to the House calendar for scheduling and debate.
The big news is in education. $32 million (1%) increase in supplemental school aid is anticipated for FY19, action is expected next week. Additionally, House Republicans continue to show strong support for K-12 education in announcing plans for additional funding for schools in transportation aid and the extension of the SAVE one cent sales tax for school infrastructure. Work will continue on bills to add $10 million in aid to districts with above average transportation costs, providing additional funding to rural districts. The SAVE sales tax, currently set to expire in 2029 will get a 20 year extension with the expectation for some changes to allow usage towards the school infrastructure revenue.
I had several visitors this week in support of education. Tuesday I met with Sarah Iverson, Leslie Sand, Laura Wright, and Alyssa Henning. Later I spoke with Supt. Duane Willhite of North Fayette Valley. Wednesday, I met with Decorah Supt. Mike Haluska and Principal Rick Varney along with Supt. Tim Dugger of North Winneshiek / Postville and Supt. Dale Crozier of MFL MarMac / Eastern Allamakee. I also spoke with AEA Administrator Patrick Heiderscheit. In the afternoon I met with Dr. Wee from NICC to discuss funding for community colleges and workforce training.
I had visits from Alyssa Henning and Laura Wright to discuss immigration law proposed in the House. Carley Marlow, a Buena Vista College student from Decorah, was at the Capitol to advocate for individuals with Autism. Please send an email or notification of your visit to the Capitol during the session.
Very truly yours,
Representative Michael Bergan
House District 55, portions of Clayton, Fayette, and Winneshiek Counties