EPA Letter

By: News Release
Feb 1st, 2018

About 40 individuals and groups have asked the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to more closely monitor the potential impacts of the Walz Energy commercial feedlot and biogas manufacturing operation being developed in the watershed of Bloody Run Creek, east of Monona. The location of the project is in an environmentally sensitive karst area, with known sinkholes nearby. Bloody Run Creek is a popular trout stream and an officially designated Outstanding Iowa Water, which merits special protection under Iowa and EPA regulations.

A letter initiated by the Clayton County Conservation Awareness Network (CCCAN) questioned the ability of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to oversee the construction of the 10,000-head cattle facility. IDNR officials waited until Jan. 12 to issue a construction permit, despite the fact work has been ongoing since March of 2017. IDNR earlier had declined requests for a hearing on the permit, but later relented and held a hearing on Nov. 29 in Elkader. About 100 people attended, and most raised questions and concerns about the location and size of the industrial operation.

In addition to Clayton County CAN, the letter was co-signed by a number of northeast Iowa residents and neighbors of the Walz Energy project, and two state legislators, as well as by spokespersons for the Iowa Environmental Council, the Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association, the Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club, and the Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Center.

The full text of the letter can be viewed at ClaytonCountyCAN.com