Energy Scam

By: News Release
Jan 25th, 2018

We had seven people call the Police department today who reported receiving phone calls from a suspect trying to run the Alliant Energy scam.  This scam pops up every so often and goes like this… The caller claims to be from Alliant Energy and tells the victim that their account is past due and services will be shut off soon if payment is not made.  An 800 number is provided to the victim, and when called a “customer service rep” informs them to make payment to avoid having service stopped.   The caller of course is not from Alliant Energy and the customer service rep is in on the scam.  Luckily, most of the citizens who called in today are Maquoketa Valley REC customers and they immediately recognized the scam and hung up on the caller.  Maquoketa Valley REC and Alliant Energy have been notified.