Grant Releases

By: News Release
Nov 28th, 2017

On November 27, 2017, at 7:06 a.m. the Grant County Sheriff's Office was notified of a female subject sitting on the ledge of the Iowa-Wisconsin Bridge. Departments from the City of Dubuque and Grant County responded to the scene and were able to safely remove the woman from the bridge without incident. She was taken to Mercy hospital in Dubuque for evaluation. This incident caused traffic delays on Highway 151 for just over an hour.
While working on this active incident, a two vehicle crash occurred in the northbound lanes of USH 151 near the active incident. The investigation shows Eric Herbst, age 23 of Dubuque, was traveling north on USH 151 and crashed into the back of a vehicle driven by Virginia Piper, age 64 of Dubuque. Herbst advised he was looking at the active scene in the southbound lanes and crashed into the back of Piper's vehicle. Piper and her passenger, Brion Piper, age 63 of Dubuque, received minor injuries as a result of the crash. Herbst was uninjured. Both vehicles sustained heavy damage and were towed from the accident scene.  Assisting in both incidents were the City of Dubuque Police, Fire and EMS units, Grant County Sheriff's Department,  Wisconsin State Patrol, Dickeyville Police Department, Wenzel's Towing and Guy's Towing.

Duck Hunters Flip Boat on Mississippi River
On November 24, 2017 at 2:50 PM the Grant County Sheriff's Office was notified of a boating accident on the Mississippi River somewhere between Glen Haven, WI and Bagley, WI. The information received was that a boat with multiple hunters in it had flipped and that the hunters were on land, but they were not sure where they were at. They could see the railroad tracks. Multiple agencies responded to assist in the search. Information was then received that the hunters had made it back to the River of Lakes boat landing and were requesting EMS. A Grant County Sheriff's Deputy responded there and learned that there were three men in the boat:  Paul Ketterer, 62, of Fennimore (boat owner), Ryne Jackley, 28, of Bagley, and Blake Evans, 36, of Dodgeville. The three men had put in to the Mississippi River at Jay's Landing. They went south from there along the "state line channel" and were about one mile south of the landing when they ran into rougher water. Ketterer said that he had backed off of the throttle due to the south wind and rough water. He said he
slowed to maybe five miles per hour. When he backed off the throttle, the bow of the boat dropped and the boat suddenly started to take on a large amount of water. This pushed the bow of the boat further down causing the boat to stop suddenly and flip, end over end as it was described.
All three men were thrown from the boat. They said that they were about 30 to 40 yards from shore when this happened. They had to swim toward shore as it was too deep to touch bottom. At about 20 yards from shore, the three men said that they could touch bottom and were able to walk to shore.
Another duck hunter was boating by and saw the men. Blake and Ryne went back out to their capsized boat with that hunter as a dog belonging to Blake was trapped under the boat. The men were able to free the dog and get it in the boat they were in. All three men, and the dog, were then brought back to Jay's Landing by the other hunter. The men all had their own vehicles at Jay's Landing. They could hear sirens and decided, since they did not have cell phone service, to come to River of Lakes boat landing. EMS and First Responders went to that location where all three men were treated for body temperature issues (they were approaching hypothermic body temperatures). All three men refused transport by EMS. Two of the three men were transported by private vehicle to an area hospital for treatment and evaluation. The boat, a 14 foot flat bottom boat with a 35 HP Go Devil motor, was recovered by the Bagley Fire Department and Federal Fish and Wildlife
Law Enforcement.  Agencies that responded to this incident were: Glen Haven Fire Department, Glen Haven First Responders, Bagley Fire Department, Bagley First Responders, West Grant EMS, the Grant County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Fish and Wildlife (Federal Game Warden), and mutual aid had been requested from the Guttenberg, IA Fire Department for a boat and the Grant County Emergency Management Office for a drone.
None of the men were wearing personal floatation devices when the incident occurred although they were in the boat. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is handling the investigation into the incident.

10-46 leads to two OWI Arrests
On 11/26/17 at approximately 2:08 a.m., a Fennimore Police Officer observed a vehicle parked on the shoulder of the road on Highway 61 north of Fennimore. As the officer approached to check on the vehicle, it appeared as if the occupants switched seats. The vehicle drove away and the Fennimore Officer then observed the vehicle deviating within the lane of traffic and cross the center line several times. The Fennimore
Officer performed a traffic stop on the vehicle and a Grant County Deputy arrived to assist. The occupants of the vehicle were identified as Tyler Reynolds, age 25, and Nicole Nelson, age 29, both of Blue River, WI.
After speaking with the occupants, it was discovered that Nelson and Reynolds left a local business together in Reynolds' vehicle. Nelson drove the vehicle out of the parking lot and northbound onto Highway 61 with intentions of driving home. Nelson then began to have issues operating the manual transmission of the car. Nelson pulled the vehicle over a short time later and switched seats with Reynolds, and Reynolds continued northbound as the operator of the vehicle. It was at this time when Fennimore Police observed the driving violations and stopped the vehicle. After performing Field Sobriety Tests, Reynolds was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated 1st offense by Fennimore Police and Nelson was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated 1st offense by the Grant County Deputy.

On November 26, 2017, at 2:26 a.m. a deputy from the Grant County Sheriff's Office stopped a vehicle driven by Timothy Myers, Woodman, for improper lane deviation. Myers was taken into custody for OWI 6th Offense.

Man Injured in Crash with House
On November 26, 2017 at about 11:06 AM the Grant County Sheriff's Office received a call of a one vehicle roll over crash on Cty Z somewhere with a man lying in the road. It was unclear where on Cty Z the crash was; originally believed to have been on Cty Z on the west end. The first responders located the crash on Cty Z north of Hyview Rd at 1532 Cty Z, Hazel Green, WI. The investigating deputy learned that La Vern Kuhle, 86, of Dickeyville, was driving his 2014 Dodge Caravan going north on Cty Z. Kuhle had just left St. Joseph's School on Cty Z from a breakfast. He told the deputy that he thought he may have fallen asleep. The road curved left and he failed to negotiate this curve. He traveled across a farm field about 435 feet to where he hit the southeast corner of the house at 1532 Cty Z, owned by Paul and Carol Hendricks. The van rolled over and came to rest on the driver's side. Kuhle was eventually able to get out the rear door of the van and made his way (either crawling or walking) to the front of the house and eventually on to Cty Z where he was found by a
passerby. Kuhle was transported by EMS to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries sustained in the crash. The van sustained very severe damage and was removed by tow truck. The addition to the back side of the house also sustained very severe damage to the house and foundation. The Grant County Sheriff's Office was assisted at the scene by the Jamestown Fire Department and First Responders, Dickeyville EMS, the
East Dubuque Police Department, and Guy's Truck and Tractor of Kieler. The crash remains under investigation.

Car vs Guardrail Crash
On November 26, 2017 at about 2:20 PM the Grant County Sheriff's Office received a call of a one vehicle crash near the driveway to 4755 Hwy 35/61. The investigating deputy learned that Andrew Clendenen, 16, of Hazel Green, was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu going south on Hwy 35/61. Clendenden said that he looked down at his phone to "change songs." When he looked up, he saw that traffic was slowing /stopped in front of him. He said he believed a car was turning left on to Kelly Ln. Clendenen said that he was not able to stop for the other cars so he swerved to the right, hitting the guardrail at the driveway to this address. This caused disabling damage to his car. Clendenen refused medical treatment (with his mother there). He was cited for Inattentive Driving.  The Grant County Sheriff's Office was assisted at the scene by the Potosi Fire Department, Dickeyville Fire Department, Dickeyville EMS, and Donnie's Tire and Auto for towing.

Shooting toward homes leads to hunter cited for illegal deer
On November 26, 2017 at about 4:18 PM the Grant County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident on Ridge View Ln. Platteville, WI after a hunter, who was shooting at a deer, shot in the direction of the house there. A deputy responded to the house and, after the resident had shown the deputy where the hunter was at, the deputy could see a hunter in that same field, field dressing a deer. This field was to the
west of the residence.  A second Grant County Deputy went to the area the hunter was and found Kelly Schuler, age 34, at 1342 Lime Kiln Ln. Platteville, WI. When
the investigating deputy arrived he asked Schuler if he someone had just been in the field with an ATV after shooting a deer. Schuler said that was him. Schuler admitted that he had been shooting in the general direction of the homes but said that he was shooting in a downward direction and felt that his backdrop was safe. As the deputies continued to talk to Schuler about the deer, his license, and available tags, it
was determined that Schuler did not have a valid buck tag as he had filled his the first weekend of the gun/deer season.  The investigating deputies eventually talked to a Wisconsin DNR Game Warden about the situation. The deputies confiscated the deer and the rifle that Schuler used to kill the animal. The deer and the rifle were handed over to the DNR Game Warden. Schuler was told that he will be cited for the illegal deer and that the DNR will be handling the investigation from here forward.  Schuler was warned for his actions as well as for two other Grant County Ordinance violations.  The Grant County Sheriff’s Office handled the initial investigation into this matter however, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will complete the investigation and take the appropriate enforcement action.