Abuse Charges

By: News Release
Sep 26th, 2017

Upon the investigation it was discovered that over the course of several years stemming back as far as 2005, two female victims who were at the time under the age of 12 when the abuse began, where victimized by three different men at different times throughout the course.  Philip J Zupke, 22 and Joel D. Zupke, 18 both of Randalia and James W. Hanson 20 of Fayette have been charged with Sexual Abuse in the second Degree (class B Felony).  Due to Statute of limitations,Iowa law states you can be charged for a sexual assault until the victim reaches the age of 28.     They will be charged as adults even though they were juveniles at the time of the offense, however the adult court system could refer them back to  Juvenile Court for prosecution.  If convicted a “B” Felony carries a 25 year prison term and sex offender registry requirements.