Assault Arrest

By: News Release
Sep 18th, 2017

The Manchester Police received a report of an assault that had taken place at 116 Ludland Drive Apt #1, where they were met by the defendant. The defendant was upset because her mother did not allow her to use the phone. An officer observed the defendant display signs of intoxication and was confrontational. Further investigation uncovered the defendant had assaulted her mother while in the presence of her 1 year old daughter.


Arrested 09/11/17


Angela Michelle Williams (age 27) of Manchester, Iowa




Interference with Official Acts a Serious Misdemeanor

Public Intoxication a Simple Misdemeanor

Domestic Assault a Serious Misdemeanor

Child Endangerment an Aggravated Misdemeanor


The Manchester Police Department was called 1513 North Franklin Street on September 09, 2017 for an altercation. Officers on the scene discovered the 2 defendants were involved in a verbal altercation with 2 other individuals. The victims attempted to remove themselves from the situation by going into an apartment. The defendants entered the apartment forcefully and pushed the victims.


Arrested 09/09/17

Angela Michelle Williams (age 27) of Manchester, Ia



Burglary 3rd Degree an Aggravated misdemeanor


Arrested 09/09/17

Chiquita Cheketa Kelly (age 24) of Manchester, Ia



Burglary 3rd Degree an Aggravated misdemeanor