Dairy Awards

By: KCTN News
Apr 9th, 2017

Scholarship Winners:

This is the first year the Clayton Co. Dairy Promotion Committee has offered scholarships to support our county’s youth education beyond high school.

We had two applicants this year and are happy to announce that both will be receiving a $500 scholarship: Sam and Ted Hilgerson

Sam and Ted are both the children of Scott and Suzy Hilgerson of Elkader.

Sam Hilgerson is currently attending Iowa State University majoring in Agronomy with plans to graduate in 2018. Sam was active in 4H for nine years showing cattle and exhibiting projects at the fair. He also competed in on the county dairy judging and crop teams. Upon graduation, Same hopes to work within the agronomy field to advance his knowledge in crop and forage production. Additionally, he hopes to transition into his family’s dairy operation. One of his letters of recommendation had the following to say about Sam, “I see nothing but a bright future for Sam in agriculture because of his strong work ethic, intelligence, attitude and willingness to learn.” Congratulations Sam!

Ted Hilgerson will be graduating from Central High School this May with plans to attend Iowa State University to major in Agronomy and Environmental Sciences. He ranks near the top of his class academically and has held numerous offices in 4H and FFA. Ted was also part of a compost system implemented at Central that breaks down cafeteria waste into rich soil. He has ambitious goals to be involved in the crop scouting team and pursue various internships to gain experience. Ted’s ultimate goal is to work within agriculture locally while implementing his own sustainability practices. One of his letters of recommendation had the following to say about Ted, “He can be counted on to do his part in helping sustain and grow the future of agriculture.” Congratulations Ted!

Sam will be receiving his $500 check today as he has already provided his most recent college semester transcript; Ted will receive his upon completion of his first semester.



   Qualifiers:  Herd owners whose production average for either milk, fat, protein, or combined fat & protein

exceeded the state breed average by at least 10% for the year January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016

and completed 8 DHIA tests.

   Qualifying Level:


Ayrshire 21,412 840      674 1,514

Brown Swiss 21,770 899      745 1,644

Guernsey 19,727 941      674 1,615

Holstein 26,138 974      804        1,778

Jersey 18,624 916      684 1,600

Milking Shorthorn (too few herds to provide a state average)

Mixed 22,444 893      726 1,619


Brown Swiss Herds:

Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona 25 25,946 1113     857 1970                

Mixed Herds:

Tim & Kari Gaul 89 25,428 962     819 1781

Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 71 30,105 1060     956 2016     

Holstein Herds:

Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader 75 26,266 936     791 1727

WesselCrest, Greeley 246 27,852 1076     912 1988

Terry Lenth, Luana 111 28,954 1062     867             1929 Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 82 30,827 1060       945 2005                  

Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona 99 34,041 1229     1019             2248


Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona 34,041 lbs. Milk     2248 lbs. C.F.P.


Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona 25, 946 lbs. Milk     1970 C.F.P.


Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 30,105 lbs. Milk   2016 C.F.P


Adams Dairy, Garnavillo +2739 lbs.


Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona +152 lbs.


Larry & Liane Thompson, Monona 88,000 SCC

Lee & Sara Pattison, Garnavillo 120,000 SCC


Lee & Sara Pattison, Garnavillo #2628  Holstein 51,071 lbs. Milk


Lee & Sara Pattison, Garnavillo #487  Holstein 3,591 lbs. C.F.P. .

10.  HIGH 305 DAY MILK RECORD (colored breeds)

Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #752 Brown Swiss 40,363 lbs. Milk

11.  HIGH 305 DAY C.F.P. RECORD (colored breeds)

Jon & Keya Sleister, McGregor Elvira   Jersey 2,400 lbs. C.F.P


     The Clayton County Dairy Promotion Committee initiated a system 30 years ago of recognizing producers

with cows that produced in their lifetime 200,000 pounds of milk and/or 7,000 pounds of fat.  Since 1986

there have been 269 cows enrolled in the club.  19 more cows achieved those lifetime production totals

since last year's awards presentation.

     (Information below includes producer, address, cow's name, number of lactations, breed, pounds of milk,

& pounds of fat.)

 1.  Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona

Jo-Lane-s Morty 554 (62304807) 7 Holstein 250,945/8188

   2.  Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona

Schuttecrest Boldurham Peg (66848054) 5 Holstein 214,778/7659

 3.   Kregel Dairy, Guttenberg

#656 (42TCP5905) 6 Holstein 148,393/7753

 4.   Kregel Dairy, Guttenberg

#646 (42TBZ3849) 7 Holstein 155,076/7150

5.   Kregel Dairy, Guttenberg

#591 (42TBV6229) 7 Holstein 153,708/7271

6.  Kregel Dairy, Guttenberg

#579 (42TCK0777) 7 Holstein 151,752/7905

7.  Larry & Liane Thompson, Monona

CCR Toy (42WJZ0877) 5 Holstein 209,754/6938

8.  Larry & Liane Thompson, Monona

Mystery (42WKQ4268) 6 Holstein 221,687/7182

9.  Nathan & Rosie Ronnebaum

#251 (42WJX5695) 8 Holstein 202,225/6523

10. Terry Lenth, Luana

O-440 (42BBZ0839) 10 Holstein 267,529/9157

11.  Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader

Hannah (207818404) 8 Holstein 205,494/6607

12.  Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader

Elkie (13874829) 7 Holstein 213,399/7666

13.  Wesselcrest, Greeley

Talisha (138096562) 5 Holstein 173,458/7333

14.  Wesselcrest, Greeley

Kaia (138101013) 6 Holstein 200,764/6721

15.  Wesselcrest, Greeley

#5 (42WKD7567) 5 Holstein 190,943/7551

16.  Kevin & James Frieden, Elgin

#3799 (63647999) 4 Holstein 204,101/3798

16.  Kevin & James Frieden, Elgin

#3726 (63647926) 6 Holstein 208,298/5168

17.  Jon & Keya Sleister, McGregor

#209 (42WKG8942) 6 Holstein 216,401/9016

18.  Loras Gerner, Garber

#627 (50826827) 9 Holstein 201,465/7610

19.  Dave Steffen, Garber

B-351 (42WKE0151) 10 Holstein 201,421/6509

         13.  DAIRY BEST AWARD

The Dairy Best award is presented annually to an eating establishment in Clayton County that does an outstanding job of serving real dairy products to the public.

Winner: Café Rose, Edgewood

Cafe Rose` is located in Edgewood and is owned by Rosie (Pape) Totman.

Cafe Rose` is a small cafe serving homemade lunches, as well as a winery, making hand-crafted Iowa wine. The cafe has been in business for 10 years. Rosie grew up on a dairy farm and helped with the milking until graduating from high school.

Rosie serves REAL cream, half & half, with coffee. She serves REAL butter and sour cream with baked potatoes, rolls, buns and bread. Milk is available and is competitively priced. Rosie also serves homemade hot chocolate during the winter months. Rosie does all her baking with only REAL butter as well as soup making, her homemade soups are very popular in the area as are her homemade pies.

She promotes fresh, minimally processed ingredients.

The Clayton County Dairy Promotion thanks Café Rose for their support of the dairy industry.


The Clayton County Dairy Promotion Committee annually honors a person or business that supports the dairy industry. This year the award is presented to two individuals.

Winner: Olson Hoof Trimming/Wessel Hoof Trimming

(Brian Wessel) The first recipient of this award was born in Nov. of 1962 and comes from the southern part of the county. The farm he was raised on had a cow/calf and feeder cattle operation with a small dairy herd, on this century farm.

After graduation from Ed-Co in 1981, he worked on the home farm while also milking his own herd on another farm.  Additionally, he worked as a herdsman and an A.I. Technician for Sire Power, before seizing a much needed service in the dairy community. This was when Wessel Hoof Trimming was established. For almost 30 years, Brian Wessel has been working throughout eastern Iowa, at times traveling several hours, to dairies. He is busiest during the show season, trimming for both beef and dairy, and of course, many 4-H’ers.

Brian, Kathy and Jacob are very active in the Mallory Minks 4-H club. He has raised Grand Champion Steers and Supreme Heifers, shown by Jacob, at the Clayton County Fair. He consistently sponsors trophies for both the Clayton and Delaware County fairs.

Congratulations to Wessel Hoof Trimming!

(Bruce Olson)The second recipient of this year’s dairy appreciation recipient has always had a passion for farming. Even though he didn’t grow up on a farm, he started working on a swine and crop farm in high school. His interest was in the dairy industry and he and his wife were able to start milking in the herdsman role on a dairy farm off of Gunder road. After a few years there, he transitioned into a herdsman role on a different farm in Maynard. Although he really enjoyed milking cows, he strived to be his own boss. In 1999, he started his career as a hoof trimmer focusing on dairy cattle. In his 18 year career, his client base has broadened to the four county area and also some larger herds farther south.  He trims around 12,000 cows per year.

When not working, you can find this man helping his family with their club lamb business. They show at about five shows a year and enjoy marketing lambs to many different people around the area and even to Texas. He also enjoys watching his son wrestle and college wrestling. He and his wife Erika have two children; Kaitlyn, 19 attends Iowa State University for Animal Science and Brady is 17.

Congratulations to Bruce Olson- Olson Hooftrimming and thank you for your dedication to the dairy industry!

Thank you to both Olson Hoof Trimming and Wessel Hoof Trimming for their support of the dairy industry.

         15.  OUTSTANDING YOUNG DAIRY PRODUCER AWARD... Sponsor -Virgil Kregel Memorial    

The Outstanding Young Dairy Producer Award is a sincere effort to honor young dairy producers who have achieved excellence in managing their dairy enterprise, and have contributed leadership in the dairy industry and their communities. Nominees must be 40 years of age or younger to be eligible.

Winner: Maureen (Kregel) Seevers, Guttenberg  

Sponsor: Virgil Kregel Memorial provided by the Kregel Family, winner also receives a semen certificate from Accelerated Genetics, Dennis Cline

Our 2017 Outstanding Young Dairy Producer returned to her family farm after graduating from Iowa State University in 2008 with degrees in Dairy Science and Agricultural Business. Prior to her time at Iowa State, she completed two years at Northeast Iowa Community College. She is currently working toward ownership as the sixth generation to operate her family’s dairy, Kregel Farms. Congratulations to Maureen Seevers of Guttenberg.

Maureen’s parents, Gary and Darlene Kregel, were married in 1982 and took over the farm then. At the time 90 cows were milked in a 66 cow tie stall barn, in 1997 they decided to advance and invest in a low cost parlor option where the herd grew to 260 cows. In 2013 the family discussed investing in technology and took the leap into robotic milking technology. The nearly 400 head herd is milked with Lely robots and their milk is marketed through Prairie Farms.

Maureen manages all of the day-to-day work for the dairy herd, which consists of Holsteins, Jerseys, Ayrshires and crossbreds. Her duties include herd health, reproduction and daily maintenance of the robotic milking units. She is extremely passionate about breeding the next generation for efficiency and longevity, maintaining a 34% preg rate.

In June of 2010 Maureen married her husband Jim who is employed with Three Rivers FS. They have two children, Sienna (4) and Liam (2) with number three expected at the end of September.

I for one can say of just how proud I am of the hard work my sister puts in every single day; I know Grandpa is smiling down on us tonight watching you receive this distinction. I thoroughly believe that our family wouldn’t still be milking cows today if not for Maureen returning to the farm directly after college. Thank you for all that you do!

Congratulations to Maureen Seevers, 2017 Clayton County Young Dairy Producer  


The Distinguished Dairy Producer Award honors dairy families and individuals who have achieved excellence in managing their dairy enterprise while contributing leadership to the dairy industry and their communities. Honoring these outstanding producers serves as a tribute to the time and effort they have put forth in advancing the dairy industry.

Winner: Henkes Farms, LLC (Daryl & Dustin Henkes), Monona

This year’s Distinguished Dairy Producer Award is presented to Henkes Farms, LLC (Daryl & Dustin Henkes) of Monona.

The family farm was purchased by L’Dean & Arleta Henkes in 1963. They started with 200 acres, raised pigs, and milked 20 cows. Over the years they grew both as a family and a farm. Daryl and Dustin worked side by side with their parents for many years. Henkes Farms, LLC was created in 2013 with Daryl and Dustin has owner/operator partners. The farm currently consists of 210 milking cows (Holsteins and Jerseys) and 1,000 acres. Their milk is marketed through Prairie Farms.

Before returning to the farm, Daryl attended NICC for Diesel Mechanics and Dustin attended NICC for Electrician schooling. Both, Daryl and Dustin, learned much of what they know from hard work and life experiences. Currently, Daryl is full time on the farm; Dustin works on the farm as well as with Rain and Hail Crop Insurance as a Crop Adjuster.

L’Dean and Arleta still live on the main farmstead and are very active in doings around the farm. Also involved in the operation is Daryl’s oldest son, Zach. He is the farms main mechanic and also helps out where needed. Daryl and Dustin’s cousin, Mike Henkes, has worked as a farm hand for 18+ years.

Daryl is married to Beth Henkes who works at Crossing Rivers Health in Prairie du Chien, WI as a RN. Their children are Zach (Emily) Henkes, Brady and Clayton Henkes all of Monona, IA. Zach (25) works on the family farm and Emily (23) works as a Real Estate Appraiser for Badgerland Financial, in southwest Wisconsin. Brady (20) is attending DMACC and works at RW Pladsen Inc. in Waukon. Clayton (9) can be found around the farm or in the woods hunting with his big brother.

Dustin has three children; Owen (14), Ashlyn (10), and Isla (7). They all attend Eastern Allamakee School in Lansing, IA. They enjoy camping together as a family and participate in Jung’s Taekwondo School in Garnavillo, IA.

Congratulations to Henkes Farms, LLC - Daryl & Dustin Henkes!



The Senior Dairy Professional Award honors individuals who have provided outstanding support to the dairy industry and producers.

Winner: Chuck Shekleton, Farmersburg

Chuck started to work for Midwest Breeders shortly after serving in Vietnam in May 1971.  He married Maxine Heit in May 1972.  Travis was born in 1973 and Tara was born in 1976.  Chuck and Maxine are proud grandparents of five grandchildren.  Travis and Tiffany have three children, Haylee, Brady and Annzlee.  Curt and Tara Clemen have two children, Zack and Ava.

Midwest Breeders and Minnesota Valley Breeders merged to form 21st Century Genetics; they formed a Sales and Service Academy Award for technicians.  Chuck won this award in 1997.  There was another merger with 21st Century Genetics and several other A.I. Cooperatives to form Genex/CRI.  They formed an award program called the Genex Mission Award.  In 2001, Chuck received this award.  In 2014, he was awarded for 150,000 services.

Throughout the years, he has sponsored many awards for dairy producers as well as candidates for the royalty contest.  He has been sponsoring the participation awards for the Kiddie Calf show for many years.  Also, Chuck and Maxine have been active with the dairy bar at the Clayton County fair.  In 1988 they received the Distinguished Service Award from the Clayton Co. Promotion Committee.

Chuck has really enjoyed working with the Dairy Promotion Committee and the dairy and beef producers in the area for 46 years!  He is thankful for all the people that have put their trust in him and we are thankful for him.

Thank you for your service and dedication Chuck!



Parents:  Mark & Jill Lamborn, Luana

Sponsor: Chuck & Maxine Shekleton, Farmersburg



Parents:  Kenton & Ashley Kishman, Monona

Sponsor:  Big Gain Feeds


Jaxon Lamborn

Parents:  Mark & Jill Lamborn, Luana

Sponsor: Chuck & Maxine Shekleton, Farmersburg

Blake Schutte

Parents:  Lance & Jonna Schutte

Sponsor: Zuercher Trucking, Postville