West Union Council

By: KCTN News
Nov 19th, 2020

Council Chambers, City Hall, November 16, 2020, 6:05 P.M.

West Union City Council met November 16, 2020 at 6:00 P.M. at Council Chambers 

with Mayor Adam Keller presiding, and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance Present –Smith, Stansbery, Gumm, and Granger. Bentley joined via Zoom

Absent: None 

Approval of the Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to approve the Agenda with an 

Agenda amendment to add #14A. Closed Session to Discuss Employment based on Iowa 

Code Subsection 21.5.  All Aye.  Carried.

Approval of Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Stansbery, to approve Minutes from the  

Minutes November 2, 2020 regular meeting.  All Aye.  Carried.  

Approve TIF City Administrator Tracy Johnson presented the TIF Certification due to the County 

Certification to Auditor adding Nutrien as the newest TIF.  Total dollars requested from FY2022 

County Auditor taxes is $48,675.  Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger to approve the report as presented.  Gumm abstained; Rest All Aye.  Carried.

Approve Annual Johnson also presented the Annual Urban Renewal Report recapping TIF payments 

Urban  Renewal made in FY20 totaling $45,646.  Bentley made a motion to approve, Stansbery 

Report seconded.  All Aye. Carried.

Resol 2021-22 Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Stansbery, to approve Resolution 

Adopting Annual 2021-22 approving annual TIF appropriations as required for FY21-22 totaling 

Appropriations $27,882.  All Aye.  Carried.  

Approve Upgraded Allamakee Clayton has provided a bid of $10,087.18 to install underground primary

Electrical at WWTP new service needed at the WWTP and 3 Phase Meter Base.  Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to approve the upgraded electrical installation, less the tax.  All  Aye. Carried.  The current electrical will be disconnected when they are ready.  

Approve the Final This is the final draft that has been worked on since combining the Main Street/

Management Chamber Director under both the City and the Board of the Main Street/Chamber.

Agreement with Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Smith, to approve as presented.  

Main Street/Chamber All Aye.  Carried.

$200,000 Gift to The City recently received a check in the sum of $200,000 from the Larry D. Scott

Airport from Larry Trust to be earmarked for Capital Improvements at the Airport.  Council asked that a

D. Scott Trust Thank you note be sent to the family as this could help us as match money on grants for years to come.  Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to give Johnson authority to work with the local banks on the best account to put the money in to preserve for the Airport Capital Projects.  All Aye.  Carried.

E. Maple Street Stansbery asked for this to be on the agenda as he has been approached by many 

Sidewalk/Crosswalk residents due to the safety of kids walking to school and the amount of traffic going to  Casey’s.  Council discussed painting it as a crosswalk, or potentially making it a one-way only.  Stansbery made a motion to get businesses and residents on that street together to discuss the best option.  Smith seconded.  All Aye.  Carried.

Donahue Building Johnson asked the Council for direction on this building.  We put a new roof on it and

On E. Main Street Dick Woodard did a lot of cleanout on the inside.  Jayde Blue advised she is looking into 2 possible grants through Main Street.  After some discussion, Stansbery made a motion to list it for sale for the costs we have in it, and also continue exploring grant options.  Smith seconded.  All Aye.  Carried.  Council would like to revisit in 6 months if it is not sold by then.  

Approve October Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Gumm, to approve October Financials

Financials as presented.  All Aye.  Carried.

Approve November Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Gumm, to approve November 

Expenditures Expenditures totaling $1,075,157.60.  All Aye.  Carried.


ABDO Spotlight  - Books $     984.60

Aflac – Insurance       103.56

AgVantage FS – Chemicals         46.25

Alaina Dirksen – Coaching         50.00

All Stop – Fuel       688.69

Allamakee – Clayton – Loan     3,000.00

Allamakee-Clayton Elec – Electric     4,411.32

Alliant Energy – Electric     1,529.73

Amazon – Books       731.97

Ascent Avia – Fuel     4,975.80

Baumler Imp – Parts       591.18

Biblionix – Apollo     1,800.00

Black Hills – Gas     1,205.75

Blue Cross – Health Insurance   18,050.48

Brant Schrader – Coaching         75.00

Bruening Rock – Sand       104.70

Bryan Heavy Equip – Sensor       215.07

Cargill – Deicer     7,532.89

Carrico – Liquid Cover       350.54

CBM Cherry Lake – Books       353.18

CenturyLink – Phones         14.09

City Laundry – Uniforms, Towels       463.66

Consolidated Energy – Fuel       844.31

Continental Research – Supplies       321.97

D&K Products – Chemicals       405.00

Dale Bilden – Janitorial       150.00

Damian Copp – Sidewalk       511.25

Derek Heins – Coaching         75.00

E.F.T.P.S- Payroll Taxes   14,346.63

Fay. Co Auditor – Geo Elec.       192.96

Fay Co Recorder – Recording Fees         37.00

Fay. Co Union – Publications       458.49

Fehr Graham – Engineering   16,006.00

Fire Service Training – Training         50.00

Ft. Atkinson Nursery – Trim Trees       300.00

Gage & Gage – Parts         11.71

Galls – Uniforms       190.12

Gordon Flesch Co. – Copiers                   712.23

Grass Masters – Aerate Greens     1,070.00

Gridor – WWTP Phase 2 755,051.45

Gundersen – First Aid Kits       198.00

GWorks – Annual Licensing     7,415.98

Hawkeye Interconnect – Internet         70.00

Hawkins – Cylinders       807.86

Ignacio Fuentes – Coaching       100.00

Impact Vinyl Graphics – Signs       871.00

IMWCA – Work Comp     3,754.00

Ingram – Books       386.80

International Assoc of Membership – Dues       275.00

Iowa Dept of Public Safety - Warrants       300.00

Iowa Park & Rec – Workshop       125.00

Iowa Pump Works – Pump   32,837.45

IPERS -   10,018.08

James Boelman – Sidewalk       710.38

Jay’s – Service         83.00

Jennifer Fuentes – Coaching         50.00

Jessica Moser – Coaching         50.00

John Deere – Supplies       579.91

Julie Frieden  - Coaching       100.00

Karl Chevrolet – Police Car Upfit   16,893.29

Kristi Rupprecht – Coaching         50.00

Kristina Thyer – Coaching         75.00

Lincoln Investment – 457b     5,068.46

Luke Davis – Coaching       100.00

Marc Hines – Coaching         25.00

Marco – Copier       186.60

Micah Gearhart – Coaching         75.00

Michael Snyder – Sidewalk     1,071.98

Mick Gage – Restrooms       125.00

Midwest Patch – Patch     1,545.60

Moss Service Center – Repairs       220.38

Napa – Parts       127.34

Paul Makarov – Coaching         50.00

Pesticide Bureau – Renewal         15.00

Petty Cash – Postage         34.25

Quillin’s – Supplies         56.10

Reighly Schultz – Coaching         50.00

Ryan Wooten – Coaching         50.00

Sam Nefzger – Coaching         75.00

Sara Schmitt – Coaching         75.00

Sector Govt & Enterprise – GETAC   12,946.14

Shelly Kingsley – Restroom Cleaning         75.00

Sims – UPS, Supplies       306.96

Smoke-Eater Publication – Dues       200.00

Solutions – Updates       161.00

Spahn & Rose – Supplies         35.22

Steve Murray – Coaching         50.00

Storey Kenworthy – Supplies       467.16

TestAmerica – Testing       342.20

Tom Luhman – Firemen Compensation       636.00

Tracy Johnson – Mileage       220.80

Treasurer, State of Iowa –State WH, Sales Tax     4,144.54

United Laboratories – Supplies       429.20

Unum – Life/Disab Insurance       409.54

Upper Explorerland –CDBG         1,155.70

US Postmaster – Postage        357.00

USA BlueBook – Supplies       472.21

Utility Equip – Parts       529.80

Verizon – Phones       460.31

Visa – Supplies     1,423.03

Washington National – Insurance         83.90

WU District Energy – Geo       267.00

WU Hardware – Supplies         28.21

West Union Motor Supply – Repairs         24.86

Westrum Leak – Leak Survey     1,900.00

WEX Bank – Fuel       660.50

Wilbur Ford – Repairs, new Police Cars   74,323.61

Winn Energy District – GEO Assessment     6,640.16

Total Payroll   43,618.51

TOTAL CLAIMS       $ 1,075,157.60

Closed Session As requested by Jayde Blue, and pursuant to Iowa Code Subsection 21.5, motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger, to go into closed session.  All Aye.  Carried.  Council started closed session at 6:35pm after the room was cleared.

Reopen Council Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Bentley, to reopen Council at 8:21p.m.

All Aye.  Carried.

Next Council Next regular council meeting will be Monday, December 7, 2020, at 6:00 pm

Meeting in Council Chambers.

Adjourn With no further business to bring before the Council, a motion was made by 

Bentley, seconded by Granger, to adjourn.  All Aye.  Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.