P-D-C Board

By: KCTN News
Sep 16th, 2020

The Prairie du Chien School Board approved the resignations of Katie Tonne, Lacy Nelson, Sarah Stout, Lara Bosley, Jennifer Yager, Taylor Linder, and Sallee Scarff as Associates. Amber Hynnek resigned as Varsity Girls Soccer Coach.

The Board approved the hirings of Lindsey Frazier, Caressa Abb, Sarah Drinkwine, and Kelsey Welter Associates. Molly Kirschbaum for Food Service. Sara Diaz for Bluff View and Life Skills House. Rebecca Trautsch, Kaitlyn Waller, Elizabeth Ramos, Allison Riebe, and Madeline LeRocque as CNA’s. Kathleen Heim was named Middle School Cross Country Coach. Stephanie Elmquist was hired as a Substitute Teacher.