Seed Scam

By: News Release
Jul 31st, 2020

USDA urges anyone who receives an unsolicited package of seeds to immediately contact their
State plant regulatory official or APHIS State plant health director. Please hold onto the seeds
and packaging, including the mailing label, until someone from your State department of
agriculture or APHIS contacts you with further instructions. Do not plant seeds from unknown
People from across the country have received suspicious, unsolicited packages of seed that
appear to be coming from China.
At this time, there is not any evidence indicating this is something other than a "brushing scam"
where people receive unsolicited items from a seller who then posts false customer reviews to
boost sales.
The USDA is currently collecting seed packages from recipients and will test their contents and
determine if they contain anything that could be of concern to U.S. agriculture or the environment.
1. Do not plant the seed 2. Do not open the packets 3. Please let the Iowa Department of
Agriculture and Land Stewardship know you have received the seed: IDALS - (515) 281-5321
Please retain the packaging and seed. IDALS will make arrangements to collect the seed for
investigative purposes and then arrange for appropriate disposal.