Elkader Council

By: KCTN News
Jul 28th, 2020

The Elkader City Council continued discussions on the Carter Street Rehab Project. The Council heard from residents on the street concerned of the proposed widening of the street. The street is currently 24-feet and the proposal calls for the street to be widened to 31-feet. The Council will ask the Architect for the project to ammend the contract to redesign the street to widen it to 26-feet, which is the lowest amount allowed.

The council tabled discussion of the water/sewer rates.

Elkader City Council Proceedings
The Elkader City Council met on Monday, July 27, 2020 in regular session at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, with Mayor Josh R. Pope presiding. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call was taken.
Roll call: Present: Bob Hendrickson, Randy Henning, Daryl Koehn
Unable to attend: Peggy Lane, Ed Josten

Koehn moved to approve the consent agenda. Hendrickson seconded the motion.
Consent Agenda (Items on the consent agenda are considered routine in nature and all items are passed in one motion. In order to have an item voted on individually, it must be removed from the consent agenda.)
a. Minutes from the July 13, 2020 meeting
b. Bills (July 10-23, 2020)
c. Financial reports - Treasurer's report
d. Receive Outstanding Debt Obligations Disclosure Statement Report for 2020
e. Receive Annual Report from Elkader Public Library
f. Approval of Resolution 2020-36-Resolution Proposing Lease of Real Property and Setting Public Hearing (Elkader Depot Project, Inc.)
g. Approval of Housing Incentive (new home purchase-Tim Heller-407 Oak St NE)

Roll call: Ayes: Hendrickson, Henning, Koehn
Nays: none
Councilmember Koehn asked for a report on money received for firewood at the campground.

Public comments No public comments were received.

Approval to provide grant letter of support/commitment to Clayton County Energy District for an electric
vehicle charging station This item was presented at the last meeting. Council asked several questions and
discussed concerns. Koehn moved to approve submitting a letter of support and committing an amount not to
exceed $4,000 with the understanding that if something changes from how it was presented to the Council we
can opt out. Hendrickson seconded the motion.
Roll call: Ayes: Hendrickson, Koehn
Nays: Henning

Discuss changes to water/sewer rates Henning moved to table this topic until next meeting. Koehn seconded
the motion.
Roll call: Ayes: Hendrickson, Henning, Koehn
Nays: none

Administrative staff update Staff updated the Council on several issues.

Questions and concerns of the council
Follow-up on concerns/questions from residents on the Carter Street rehab project regarding widening the street Three residents from Carter Street were in attendance to reiterate their objection to widening the street because the additional width is all from one side of the street. Although the current location of the sidewalk does not change (does not move closer to the homes) the residents believe that the street being closer to the sidewalk is a safety issue and snow removal will be a concern. Hendrickson moved to ask the engineer for a proposal to redesign the street for a 26' width and 4' sidewalk (but still include water, stormwater, wastewater and pavement improvements). The goal is to still have this as a project for next construction season. Henning seconded the motion.
Roll call: Ayes: Hendrickson, Henning, Koehn
Nays: none

Hazard Mitigation Plan updates Staff shared the updates they have made. Council has time to continue to make changes/updates.

In other questions or concerns, Hendrickson reported on researching putting a cable across the river for dam
safety; he also asked the Council to consider reimbursing the Sweet Corn Days committee for expenses
associated with cancelling the event.

Adjournment Koehn moved to adjourn. Hendrickson seconded the motion. Council voted unanimously to adjourn. Mayor Josh Pope declared the meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.