Covid-19 Response

By: News Release
Jul 28th, 2020

Response to close contact with COVID 19 positive weekend of July 17th to 19th
Crawford County, WI – The office of Crawford County Emergency Management has received multiple statements regarding the release of information to the public about a potential exposure to a COVID-19 positive case. This statement is being put forth to describe the reason why that information was released.
As described by the public health department- A wedding party from out of the area was celebrating in the Prairie du Chien area the weekend of July17th through the 19th. They were staying in the area and visited the bars listed in the previous news release. It was not until the next week when public health was made aware of multiple positive tests coming from that group. That initiated public to start contact tracing the locations they visited in this area. The only businesses the group visited that public health could not identify everyone was the bar's listed in the previous news release. Were the bar's the only places this group visited. They were not. But these businesses were the only places where public health could not identify all the individuals who came in close contact with the positive patient. Other locations like the venue they were at or the hotel the group stayed at, the staff was contacted and informed to watch for symptoms.
The release of information was not to shame the businesses involved, but to inform the public that if you were at these locations during these times to watch for potential symptoms of COVID-19. Also, all of the establishments listed in the previous news release were contacted before the release was issued. One establishment went a step further and is closing their doors for 7 to 10 days to maintain the safety of the public and their employees.