Winneshiek Arrests

By: News Release
Jul 24th, 2020

Date: 7/22/2020
Incident/Charge: Operating while under the influence, felony failure to affix the appropriate drug stamp and 5 charges of aggravated misdemeanors possession of controlled substance 2nd offense
Location: 220th Ave in Military Township

Person: Luke Scheffert
Address: Los Angeles, California
Age: 39

Incident Details: Luke Scheffert was arrested for operating while under the influence and transported to the Winneshiek County Jail. While Scheffert was being booked into the Winneshiek County Jail multiple scheduled controlled substances, including ecstasy, oxycontin, hydrocodone, and amphetamines were found in his possession. Scheffert was additionally charged with 3 counts of possession of schedule 2 controlled substance 2nd Offense, 1 count of possession of schedule 4 controlled substance 2nd Offense, possession of controlled substance 2nd offense, and fail to affix a drug tax stamp.

Date: 7/22/2020
Time: 11:00 am
Incident/Charge: Aggravated Misdemeanor Child Endangerment Arrest Warrant
Location: Frankville, Iowa

Person: Lois Kamp
Address: Frankville, Iowa
Age: 28

Incident Details: Lois Kamp was arrested and transported to the Winneshiek County Jail on a aggravated misdemeanor child endangerment arrest warrant.