Clayton Council

By: KCTN News
Nov 26th, 2019

Call to Order: Mayor Basemann called the meeting to order with roll call at 6:00PM and pledge of allegiance.
Attendance: Present – Johnson, Kuehl, Staake, Russett, Youngblut and Clerk Basemann. Guests: Zeta Hart, Elaine
Christensen, Anita Grunder, Tom Brandel, Scott Kinkead, Wade Berns, and Matt McLane.
The Public Hearing for the 2019/2020 Budget Amendment was opened. No comments from the public. Hearing
closed. Motion by Staake, second by Kuehl to approve Resolution 2019-12 approving the 2019/2020 Budget
Amendment. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.
After brief discussion, motion by Johnson, second by Kuehl to approve the Consent Agenda to include: Agenda,
Sept 17, 2019 corrected minutes, Oct. 21, 2019 minutes, October Treasurer's Report, Budget Report, Water
Superintendent Activity report, clerk activity report and Bills and Claims from Oct. 22, 2019 – Nov .18, 2019. Roll
call vote, all ayes, motion carried.
Revenues Expenditures
General Fund $ 23,353.30 $ 3,039.02
Cemetery $ 470.94
Building Maintenance
School Preservation
School Playground $ 3,730.60
Road Use Tax $ 384.83 $ 9,605.20
Local Options Tax $ 292.57
Water $ 6,512.33 $ 5,199.75
Total $ 34,744.57 $ 17,843.97
IPERS Employee Retirement GW $180.19
Iowa Codification Code Updates – Downpayment G $750.00
Allamakee- Clayton Electric Coop Electric GW $521.31
Alpine Communications Phone/Internet GW $86.19
Bob Creery 4 weeks x $50 = $200 gross W $172.12
Bonnie Basemann 29.5 hr. x $14 = $413 GW $355.43
Brandel Lawn & Landscape Mow & trim (oct. 10 & Nov. 4) GW $300.00
Brinks Professional Painting Riverfront Park Painting G $5,586.00
Central Plumbing & Heating Water Tower Heater W $2,727.00
Wille Construction Concrete Pad - Generator W $825.00
Hawkins, Inc. Chemicals W $71.30
Hawkeye Electric Generator W $22,052.00
Hach Company Chlorine Test Supplies W $627.14
Haweye Sanitation Solid Waste Contract GW $1,288.00
Jon Russett Reimbursement - Supplies W $26.45
Clayton Co. Township Clerk 2019 Cemetary Tax Due G $586.89
Iowa One Call Utility Locates W $1.80
Schuster & Mick Sept & Oct Legal GW $492.30
Keystone Laboratories, Inc Water Testing W $12.50
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Medlin Software Annual Payroll Software 2020 GW $69.00
Mueser Lumber Water Tower Insulation W $79.46
Three Rivers Propane, LP lines to Tower/Generator W $1,053.30
Ted Berns
17.5hrsX33.00= $577.5 gross,
mileage/postage ($122.46)
W $592.46
Total Bills & Claims $38,455.84
Public comment: Mayor confirmed that the ditch cleaned out on 2nd and Davis St. is partially city owned property.
City paid to clean out city portion only. Work was authorized by Mayor as emergency action to prevent damage
to neighboring properties. Discussion on a City Christmas tree near the river.
Insurance renewal information was not available for review.
Fred Berns submitted the form and fees to request the purchase of a portion of Smith St. Motion by Russett,
second by Staake to proceed in accordance with Section 7.09 of the Code. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.
Council reviewed Chapter 155 Building and Land Use Regulations. After discussion, Council wants to continue to
research code language and will discuss next month.
Hawkeye Electric has submitted an annual maintenance contract for the new generator. This will ensure
maintenance is in compliance with manufacturer warranty requirements. Motion by Johnson, second by Kuehl to
approve Hawkeye Electric Generator Loss Prevention Program for $275 for one year. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion
Mr. Barrigar has submitted all required information for his building permit application for a bedroom and
bathroom addition to the rear of the home. The project is in compliance with setbacks and building code
requirements. Motion by Johnson, second by Staake to approve the building permit application as submitted. Roll
call vote, all ayes, motion carried.
Discussion on snow and ice removal. Snow contract states snow is plowed after 2” of accumulation and does not
require snow removal contractor to mitigate ice build up with sand or salt. There was discussion on whether
council wants to consider the purchase of a sand/salt spreader. Motion by Johnson, second by Kuehl to table
discussion on ice removal until next month. Roll call vote, all ayes, motion carried.
Council was encouraged to consider projects and maintenance needs for the 20/21 Budget. Budget discussions
including public comment will be discussed next month.
Mayor report: Thank you to Al Hoeger for donating 8 new US Flags to the city. Thank you to Brad Johnson for his
service to the community by serving on city council. Thank you to Mick Frye for his help with flood clean up and
snow removal.
Meeting Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Johnson, second by Kuehl. All ayes; motion approved.
Time: 6:46 P.M. Next regular meeting will be December 16th 2019 at 6:00 P.M.