LIght Recycling

By: News Release
Nov 22nd, 2019

The Clayton County Energy District Encourages Recycling Old or Broken Holiday Lights & Replacement with LED Lighting

The Clayton Clean Energy District encourages residents to recycle old, broken, or unwanted holiday lights and switch to a more efficient LED brand. LED (light emitting diode) lights look and act just like incandescent bulbs but use 90% less energy. LED lights do not use a filament to produce light, it is a light emitting diode (LED). This diode is more efficient and produces little to no heat even after being in use for hours. The filament in an incandescent bulb will eventually degrade to the point of breaking, when the bulb is no longer viable. While incandescent bulbs may have hundreds of hours of expected life, the LED equivalents estimate a lifespan of thousands of hours. In addition, because they do not produce heat the LED lights they are less of a risk for causing a fire.

LED lights will also allow you to string more lights together. Typically, 100 LED bulbs will use 6.8 W while 100 incandescent bulbs use 40.8 W. That means you can safely string 5 times as many LED bulbs from one outlet as incandescent bulbs. Be sure to follow the recommendations on the box for stringing Christmas lights together.

The recycling process is done by separating the insulating plastic surrounding the valuable copper, brass, and glass. The byproducts are then used to make other objects like new wire, pipes, or pulverized into "fluff" which is then mixed with topsoil.

Beginning now through early January 2019 look for a collection container at the following countywide holiday light collection sites:

  • Guttenberg

    • Guttenberg Welcome Center

    • Guttenberg Municipal Building (entrance)

    • Guttenberg Public Library

    • Kuempels’ Hardware

    • Fidelity Bank & Trust

    • Peoples State Bank

    • Community Savings Bank

  • Volga Public Library

  • Edgewood Community Savings Bank

  • Garnavillo Community Savings Bank

  • Monona Fisk Farm & Home

Stay tuned for more location announcements via the Clayton County Energy District Facebook page and website at Drop off lights during any of these businesses’ open hours.