Luana Council

By: KCTN News
Nov 9th, 2019

Luana City Council Minutes of November 7, 2019

Meeting at the Luana City Hall

The Luana City Council held their regular monthly meeting Thursday, November 07, 2019 at 7:00 pm. with Council Members Lonnie Baade, Brenda Boddicker, Paul Miller, Todd Olson and Jackie Radloff-Schneider present. Absent: none.

Mayor Jerry Schroeder called meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Minutes of October meeting were reviewed and approved upon a motion by Radloff-Schneider, second by Miller, carried unanimously.

Boddicker motioned to pay all monthly claims totaling $38,885.81, Olson second, carried unanimously. Receipts for the month totaled $37,696.61. Baade motioned to pass Res. 11-19 T.O.F, Radloff-Schneider second, carried unanimously. Council reviewed reconciled reports.

Owner of Luana Savings Bank Apartments, Dave Schultz, and citizens within the city approached the council with strong concerns over the offensive and nuisance smoke coming from Chase Mfg. located at 404 Hwy 18&52 within the city. It was noted that some within attendance live as far away as three blocks from Chase Mfg. Schultz stated he had asked Chase Mfg. owner, Eric Wedo, to raise smoke stack to help improve the situation and Eric stated he would. As of to date this has not been done. Other topics discussed concerning this manner was: financial loss from loss of tenant in apartments, having to walk through smoke to walk into business’s in town, smell has gotten more nauseous and believed to be possibly toxic over the past years. After much discussion and review of city code, the council unanimously gave authority to Administrator Humble to contact city attorney and take needed action to issue a cease and desist order to correct this issue.

Luana Fireman, Anderson, approached council with a bid in the amount of $7,960.11 for a built in gas generator to power the firehouse. Anderson stated since the firehouse would be the safe place for citizens to be able to have temporary housing in case of a disaster, this would allow power to the firehouse. Anderson at this time asked the city if they would cover half the cost of the generator. Anderson was asked if a grant had been applied for which he stated there had not. Council informed Anderson that there was not money budgeted for this expense this year and asked for the fire department to first look into possible grants to help with this purchase. Anderson then requested if the expense could be considered for the 2020-2021 Budget.

The Mayor announced that this was the time and place for the public hearing and meeting on the matter of the FY2019Annual Financial Report at 7:35 pm. The Mayor then asked the Clerk whether any written objections had been filed by any City resident or property owner to the proposal. The Clerk advised the Mayor and the Council that no written objections had been filed. The Mayor then called for oral objections to the proposal and none were made. Whereupon, the Mayor declared the time for receiving oral and written objections to be closed. Baade motioned to adopt the 2019AFR, Miller second, carried unanimously.

Next regular Council meeting will be held December 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

Mayor Schroeder adjourned the meeting at 7:48 pm.

Tammy Humble, City Administrator

Monthly Expenditures $38,885.81: Alliant Energy $1,635.40; Blackhills Energy $146.39; Calvin Chapman $8.08

(Fireman lunch); Card Services $203.23(Envelopes, ink, paper) ; Croell $665.00(Road sand); Federal Taxes $920.80;

Iowa One Call $28.00; IPERS $881.83; John Deere Financial$373.14(City and fireman supplies); Keystone Lab $12.50

(Water analysis); Kwik Trip $191.76(Fireman fuel/supplies); LnM Truck and Trailer $599.12(Fire truck repairs) ; LSB $24,542.31(Tax Incentive,TIF and Well Loan); Luana Cemetery Association$233.50(Property tax funds); MFL Ambulance Service $169.00(Fire dept. battery); Mid-America Publishing $173.83; NAPA $128.28(Truck repairs);NEIT $202.02; Postage $110.00; River City Paving $112.79(Road materials); Sandry Fire $545.45(Fire equipment);Smitty's Oil & Tire $122.00(Truck tires); Supreme Graphics $108.00(Printing); Tim Sautter $68.44(Fireman's lunch); Wages $4,983.80; Waste Management $1,721.14.

Fire Department Expenditures $2,004.67; General Fund Expenditures $11,798.26; Propriety Expenditures $10,543.84; Road Use Tax Expenditures $1,028.07; TIF Expenditures $13,510.97.

Monthly Revenue $37,696.61: Farm to Market $5,844.15; Franchise Tax (Alliant Energy)$714.31(Black Hills)$25.51;

Interest $248.50; Local Option $2,004.45; Luana Fire Dept. $79.48; Property Taxes $24,494.63; RUT $1,487.74; State of Iowa $418.77; Utilities $8,223.22.