Winneshiek Releases

By: News Release
Oct 29th, 2019

Date: 10/26/2019
Location: Winneshiek County Jail
Incident/Charge: Criminal Mischief 5th Degree

Person: Michael Jones
Address: Castalia, Iowa
Age: 21

Incident Details: While incarcerated in the Winneshiek County Jail Michael Jones intentionally destroyed a jail issued uniform. Jones was cited for criminal mischief 5th degree.

Date: 10/26/2019
Time: 1:15 AM
Incident/Charge: 3rd Offense Operating while under the influence & driving while license revoked
Location: Lower Dam Road in Pleasant Township

Person: Jonathan Downing
Address: Decorah, Iowa
Age: 42

Incident Details: Jonathan Downing was arrested and booked into the Winneshiek County Jail for 3rd offense operating while under the influence and driving while revoked.

Date: 10/25/2019
Time: 1:10 PM
Incident/Charge: Felony Sexual Abuse 2nd Degree Arrest Warrant
Location: North Central Correctional Facility

Person: Jamesen Cameron
Address: Rockwell City, Iowa
Age: 36

Incident Details: Jamesen Cameron was transported from North Central Correctional Facility to the Winneshiek County Jail for felony sexual abuse 2nd degree arrest warrant.