Home Effeciency

By: News Release
Oct 7th, 2019

Free or low cost, First Step Home Efficiency servies available to Guttenberg residents thanks the Guttenberg City Council!

Thanks to the Guttenberg City Council, 20 qualifying Guttenberg households will receive energy audits and weatherization services, a $500 value, at no cost to the household. The Clayton County Energy District’s First Step Home Efficiency Program is one of our boots on the ground implementation efforts. The goal is for priority populations to spend less on their energy bills, thus lowering energy costs. This strengthens our communities by promoting local investment and shrinking greenhouse gas emissions.

Priority population members include low income households, veterans, persons living with a disability, and senior citizens. Community members who do not identify in the priority population sectors may participate in the First Step Home Efficiency Program at a cost of $150/home and $75/apartment. This is a small cost for the amount of energy savings that could be obtained! Comparable utility programs across the country value this service at $200-$500 plus. All of these services include overall assessment and diagnostics (evaluating the home environment) with combustion safety testing, blower door testing and quality reporting. Direct installs and air sealing take place after these tests. The average customer saves $120 per year on their energy bill, thanks to direct installs and will be provided with overall comfort, savings and stewardship. Drafts will be reduced to maintain consistent indoor temperatures, savings can be from $50 to $500 a year with improvements that will last many years, and conserving this energy reduces harmful plant emissions which protects human health and prevents climate change.

These energy efficiency assessments and direct install services are collaborated by Green Iowa AmeriCorps, the Winneshiek County Energy District and the Clayton County Energy District. Thanks to their efforts, costs are kept low and impact is high.

If you are or know of anyone interested, sign up easily by visiting www.claytoncounty.energydistrict.org. If you would like assistance, please call 563.880.7915.