Luana Council

By: KCTN News
Aug 3rd, 2019

Luana City Council Minutes of August 1, 2019

Meeting at the Luana City Hall

The Luana City Council held their regular monthly meeting Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 7:00 pm. with Council Members Lonnie Baade, Paul Miller, Todd Olson and Jackie Radloff-Schneider present. Absent: Brenda Boddicker.

 Mayor Jerry Schroeder called meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Minutes of July meeting were reviewed and approved upon a motion by Baade, second by Olson, carried unanimously.

Radloff-Schneider motioned to pay all monthly claims totaling $14,090.57, Baade second, carried unanimously. Receipts for the month totaled $24,073.71. Radloff-Schneider motioned to pass Res. 8-19 T.O.F, Olson second, carried unanimously.  Council reviewed reconciled reports.

Miller motioned to approve Luana Tavern Street Dance and outside liquor license for Luana Tavern, Radloff-Schneider second, carried unanimously. Olson abstained from voting.

Rachelle Howe, UERPC, informed council of services offered to the community and surrounding areas for both the city and citizens.

Administrator Humble informed council that the current City Attorney submitted his resignation to the city. Baade motioned to utilize the services from Nathan Moonen, from Moonen Law Office, for the cities attorney needs, Miller second, carried unanimously.

Radloff-Schneider motioned to support MFL Mar Mac Booster Club in the amount of $50, Olson second. Ayes: Baade, Olson and Radloff-Schneider; Nays: Miller, motion carried. 

Administrator Humble covered completed Outstanding Obligation Report submitted.

Administrator Humble informed council that letters were attached to water bills informing citizens of city code 4.13.3 PLACING DEBRIS ON STREETS. Complaints are still being received concerning citizens blowing grass into the streets which is not only against city law but state law included.

Baade motioned to approve obtaining a credit card for the city for city supplies, training classes and items approved by council with a credit limit of $2,500.00, Miller second, carried unanimously.

Complaint was received for barking dogs located at 304 Truman Street. Violation letter of city code will be sent.

Next regular Council meeting will be held September 5, 2019 at 7:00 pm.

Mayor Schroeder adjourned the meeting at 8:00 pm.

                                                     Tammy Humble, City Administrator

Monthly Expenditures $14,090.57: ACCO $1,021.30(Chemicals); Alliant Energy $1,376.93; Blackhills Energy $134.06; 

Brechler-Lendosky $357.00(Tractor pull insurance); DNR $210.00(Sewer permit); Federal Taxes $966.14; IPERS $987.15; John Deere Financial $39.33(City supplies); Keystone Lab $12.50(Water analysis); Kwik Trip $81.37(Fuel);

Mid-America Publishing $32.58; NEI Community Action $269.00(Donation); NEIT $118.33; Post Office $24.44; River City Paving $128.69(Road repair); Three Rivers $1,164.74(Fuel); Vorwald Enterprise $220.00(Road repair); Wages $5,225.87; Waste Management $1,721.14.

Fire Department Expenditures $45.14; General Fund Expenditures $11227.53; Propriety Expenditures $1268.24; Road Use Tax Expenditures $1549.66; TIF Expenditures $0.

Monthly Revenue $24,073.71: Farm to Market $4,175.38; Franchise Tax (Alliant) $510.14(Black Hills)$26.22; Interest $234.38; Local Option $1,920.40; Luana Community Club $300.00; Luana Tavern License/Permit $465.00; Monona Township $6,753.11; Property Taxes $302.02; RUT $1,235.53; State of Iowa (Grant) $3,463.57; Utilities $4,687.96.