Clayton Council

By: KCTN News
Jul 27th, 2019

Special Meeting           City of Clayton, Iowa                July 23, 2019

Tentative Minutes                 Council Chambers                 6:00 P.M.


Call to Order:  Mayor Max Basemann called the meeting to order.

Attendance: Present – Russett, Youngblut, Johnson & Kuehl.  

Guests:  none

Water Superintendent Update & Discussions: 

The sole applicant has withdrawn is application.  Ted Berns is willing to work month to month until a replacement is either trained or hired for an additional $10.00/hr. wage. Peoples Services Inc has submitted a proposal for $600/month to oversee with 1 visit/week. Additional services would be charged at $70/hr. between 8am-5PM and $105/hr. for service on nights or weekends. 

Jon Russett presented a written proposal that he train, under proper supervision, for Water Treatment Grade 1 and Water Distribution Grade 1 certification which can take 6-12 months. Russett would donate his time if the city would pay for training materials, class tuition, and mileage/hotel/meal reimbursement. Additionally, he would submit 3-year operations budget and 3 year capital plan to council.  

Motion by Kuehl, second by Youngblut to offer Ted Berns a wage increase of $10/hr beginning August 1st  and supervise training of Russett per his written proposal. Roll call vote; ayes Kuehl, Johnson, Youngblut; abstain Russett. motion carried. 

Riverfront Park Public Meeting Discussion Items

Council agreed discussion items for public input meeting should include flag pole (possible relocation), light poles, concrete repair, restroom and septic system (possible removal), and painting.  City has applied for potential funds from FEMA disaster 4421 declaration. Youngblut is compiling bids for proposed work. Public Input meetings are scheduled for August 17th at 8:30AM and August 19th at 5PM

Meeting Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Kuehl, second by Johnson.  All ayes; motion approved. Time: 6:42 P.M.

Regular Meeting           City of Clayton, Iowa                July 15, 2019

Tentative Minutes                 Council Chambers                 6:00 P.M.


Call to Order:  Mayor Pro Tem Johnson called the meeting to order.

Attendance: Present – Russett, Youngblut, Basemann & Kuehl. 

Guests:  Anita Grunder, Jody Holm, Wade Berns, Tom Brandel, & Zeta Hart

Council received 2 letters of interest for the position of Mayor; from Brad Johnson and Max Basemann. Council discussed and considered the candidates.  Motion made by Russett, second by Kuehl to appoint Max Basemann as Mayor. Ayes: Russett, Kuehl, Youngblut. Abstained: Johnson and MBasemann. Motion Carried.  

The Mayoral appointment creates a vacant seat on the Council.  Motion by Russett, second by Johnson to post a public notice of appointment to accept letters of interest due August 19th at 5:00 PM for the vacancy on the council for a term that expires December 31, 2019.  All ayes. Motion carried. 

The Water Superintendent applicant, Dale Echard, was in attendance to meet Council and discuss the requirements of the position.  A meeting was set up to allow the applicant to review Clayton’s water system. The City also received an email from a contract operation firm that manages, operates, and maintains water facilities who may be interested in maintaining the water system.   Russett will contact them to discuss the specifics of our system.  

Motion made by Russett, second by Youngblut to approve the consent agenda to include: June 17, 2019 minutes, July 2, 2019 minutes, Budget report, Water Superintendent activity report, City Clerk activity report, 

Treasurer’s report,  




















Presentation of Bills,

IPERS (employee retirement system payment for May) GW      288.88

Hawkeye Sanitation (May garbage & recycle pick-up) G        1250.40

Treasurer, State of Iowa (2nd qtr. water excise tax) W         464.00

Treasurer, State of Iowa (2nd qtr. withholding) GW 57.00

United States Treasury (2nd  qtr. 2019 Fed. 941 WH, S.S. & Medicare) GW       857.80

Ted Berns (17hrsX23.00= 391 gross, 170 mi X .58, postage reimb. 4.39) W       438.48  

Robert Creery (4wksX 50.00= 200.00 gross) W         172.12

Rex Svoboda (68hrsX14.00=952.00 gross,42 mi X .58 + reimb record fee 70.90) GW      895.32

Dave Hart (reimb. stamps) GW 55.00          

Alpine Communications 7/9/19 (phone & internet) GW 86.84 

ACEC 7/5/19 (June city electricity usage) GW      483.17

Keystone Lab. (coliform/chlorine test) W 12.50       

Guttenberg Press (Water Superintendent & Clerk Ads) G 266.95          

Brandel Lawn & Landscape (mow & trim x 5, dethatch & bag park for Easter egg hunt) GW 540.00

Schuster & Mick(legal fees) G 32.50 

Vote for consent agenda: All ayes; motion approved. 

Public comments:  Wade Berns would like to replace his existing garage, which is located in a city alley, with a new garage and is asking the requirements for the new building.   City Clerk will research whether the alley had been previously vacated and report to Council. 

Russett reported that he and Kuehl met with the City attorney to discuss language for the water ordinance.  The discussion focused on relating water charges to building changes that would require additional sewer connection.   Russett will work with Clerk to draft an Ordinance for consideration.

Johnson talked to Homeland Security regarding the water tower generator grant and received a letter from Hart on the importance of retaining the grant funding.  Homeland security provided instructions on how to request a grant extension and additional funds. Clerk will work on this and report back. 

Johnson has the file containing bids for road repairs.  Russett asked Council to review and consider additions to the scope of work for road repairs for a section of North St., Douglas St, and for Chip/Seal on South St.  Council members were asked to review the areas of concern presented by Russett. Bids will be reviewed next month.

The snow removal contract is up for renewal.  The attorney has reviewed the current contract and suggested additional insurance for vehicle damage.  A request for proposals will be reviewed next month.    

The solid waste removal contract is up for renewal in December 2019. The current contract takes into consideration that there are more accounts in the summer than winter. A request for bids will be presented next month.  

Former Mayor Hart filed an insurance claim on the City of Clayton insurance policy for damage to Joe Martins Clayton home due to frozen water pipes which Mr. Martin claims was caused by a city employee.  There was no dollar valued reported with the claim. Council will be updated on status of the claim. 

The US flag at the Riverfront park has been taken down because it’s torn.  Motion by Russett, second by Johnson to purchase another flag for $159 plus shipping.  All ayes; motion carried. 

Russett presented 3 bids for removal of the tree at the city park.  Motion by Johnson, second by Russett to approve the lowest bid with appropriate proof of insurance and the tree be completely removed from the park.  All ayes, motion carried. 

Russett requests the County Road department be contacted with a request to trim branches and vegetation from signs along Main St.  

 Council reviewed Rex Svoboda’s email offering to train a new clerk and consider relief from the training reimbursement requirement.  Request was tabled until a clerk is hired. 

 It was suggested the Council create a committee to interview City Clerk applicants. Motion by Johnson, second by Kuehl that Russett and Kuehl interview clerk applicants.  All ayes; motion carried. 

There was discussion on Ordinance 18.05 (2) that lists 3 public posting places.  More review and consideration will be done after the public meeting on riverfront park bathroom. 

Discussion regarding the safety of the railings at the entrance to city hall.  There was concern that any changes could require additional work to bring everything up to current building code. Motion by Johnson, second by Russett for Youngblut to review options and make recommendations to council.  All ayes; motion carried.  

Clerk Basemann requested Council approve purchase of Medlin Payroll software.  The software meets IRS and Iowa payroll reporting requirements. City would not need to hire an outside accountant to file these reports.  Motion made by Russett, second Johnson to purchase Medlin Payroll Software for $69.00. all ayes, motion carried. 

City received a letter from IRS concerning filing of inaccurate 2016 941 and w2 reports.  It appears IPERS wages may have been erroneously reported. Corrected forms will be submitted.  

Kuehl reported that work on the web page will begin July 24th

City Attorney has reviewed the lease between the City of Clayton and Matt McLane for a section of Main St.  Motion by Russett, second by Kuehl to tentatively approve the Lease between City of Clayton and Matthew McLane for a portion of Main St.  pending review and approval by Matthew McLane. All ayes; motion carried. 

Motion to adjourn at 7: 25PM by Russett, second by Youngblut.  All ayes; motion approved.

Special Meeting August 17, 2019 at 8:30AM to discuss the Park future.

Next Regular Meeting August 19, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Special Meeting           City of Clayton, Iowa                July 2, 2019

Minutes                 Council Chambers                 6:00 P.M.


Call to Order:  Mayor Pro Tem Brad Johnson called the meeting to order.

Attendance: Present – Russett, Youngblut, Basemann & Kuehl.  

Guests:  Tom Brandel

 July 3, 2019 agenda approval:  Motion to approve agenda by Russett, second by Kuehl.  All ayes; motion approved

Rex Svoboda has submitted his notice of resignation effective July 2, 2019.  Mayor Hart has asked Bonnie Basemann to fill in as temporary City Clerk until a new City Clerk is hired.  Basemann has agreed. After discussion. Motion by Russett, second by Youngblut to appoint Bonnie Basemann as City Clerk at a rate of $14/hour until the City Council has approved hiring a candidate to fill the position. Ayes: Johnson, Kuehl, Russett, Youngblut. Abstain: MBasemann; motion carried. 

Mayor Hart has submitted his resignation as Mayor effective July 1, 2019.  City Council has reviewed the City Code and Iowa Code pertaining to Council vacancy.  Motion by Russett, second by MBasemann to post a public notice of intent to fill the position of Mayor by Appointment for the term ending December 31, 2019 with written requests due at City Hall by July 15, 2019 at 12:00 PM.  All ayes; motion approved.

The Mayor Hart met with Mayor Pro Tem Johnson and turned in keys and property.  Svoboda plans to meet with Johnson and BBasemann this evening to turn in keys and city equipment.  Discussion on other items of concern will be addressed with Svoboda.  

Motion by Kuehl, second by MBasemann to approve Resolution 19-7 A Resolution Designating Fidelity Bank & Trust as a Funds Depository and assigning Johnson, Russett, and BBasemann as authorized signatories.  All ayes; motion approved.

There was discussion on whether Council felt is necessary to change city locks.  Council did not feel it was necessary at this time, but will review again at the July regular meeting. 

After the storm Sunday, Water Superintendent Berns called Johnson to report that the water pump is not working at the water tower.  Johnson reported that he authorized a Northway out of Marion for repairs and possible replacement. REC was out and fixed electric issues, Northway reported the pump is working.  Johnson wanted Council to expect an invoice from Northway.  

Meeting Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by M Basemann, second by Russett.  All ayes; motion approved. Time: 6:32 P.M.

Next regular meeting will be July 15, at 6:00 P.M.