Safe Boating

By: News Release
May 10th, 2019

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary in conjunction with the National Safe Boating Council announces May 18 through the 25th is National Safe Boating Week. This is an annual event the purpose of which is to promote safe practices by recreational boaters who will be using the Nations waterways over the upcoming summer.

The Prairie du Chien Flotilla, US Coast Guard Auxiliary will kick off the week with a boating safety class to be held at the Guttenberg Marina and Visitor Center in Guttenberg on May 18th starting at 8AM.

Drowning is by far the leading cause of death in recreational boating accidents (449 in 2017) with 82% of those victims NOT wearing a life jacket.

Everyone must wear a life jacket. It is no help if you are thrown from the boat and your life jacket is under your seat or in a locker

The only person with the ability to cut down on the tragic number of deaths and injuries taking place on our nation’s waterways is the boater himself who must think and practice “safe boating”.