Clayton Ridge Board

By: KCTN News
May 9th, 2019

1. Approved distribution of diplomas to Class of 2019
2. Approved open enrollment application of Emilie Christianson to open 
enroll in to CR from Ed-Co.
3. Denied 17 open enrollment applications for the Iowa Virtual Academy
4. Approved Facility Use and Transportation Requests from Clay-Gar Legion
5. Approved proposal from O'Connor, Brooks, & Co. to perform FY19 audit. 
Fee of $15,100.
6. Approved hiring of Kathy Connelly for summer tech help
7. Approved team of teachers and administrators to attend PLC Conference 
in Des Moines in October.
8. Approved Librarian sharing agreement with MFL Mar Mac
9. First reading of Wellness Policy
10. Approved the following capital projects:
a. Replace Guttenberg telephone system bid from Alpine Communications 
b. Replace lights in ind tech and welding shops. Bid from McAllister 
Electrical Services $18,000.
c. Replace ceiling tile in 6 classrooms and restrooms
d. Install 2 bottle-filling stations/drinking fountains
e. Upgrade restroom exhaust
f. Install sink and sliding window in concession stand
g. Replace convection ovens and proofer. Bid from Martin Bros $8,717.
h. Install windows in Collaboration Room
i. Purchase desks and chairs for 2 classrooms
j. Approve Print Management Plan. Bid from Marco $1320/month
11. Ratified contract with CREA: 3.24% increase. Approved Certified 
Employee Handbooks.
12. Ratified contract with CRESPA 7.12% increase. Approved Educational 
Support Personnel Handbook.
13. Authorized individual contracts be issued for Certified staff, 
Support staff, and extra-curricular staff
14. Amended the 2018-19 budget, increasing Instruction expenditures from 
$7,950,000 to $8,100,000
15. Approved sale of desk to Rondee Troester
16 Approved interfund transfer of $78,000 from PPEL to Capital 
Projects-2018 Building Fund
17. Approved interfund transfer of $6,177 from General Fund to Activity 
Fund for purchase of safety and protective equipment
18. Set special meeting date for May 15 at 7:00 pm in Guttenberg
19. Next regular meeting will be June 10 at 2:00 pm in Garnavillo