Bergan Report

By: News Release
Apr 27th, 2019

Representative Michael Bergan

April 26th, 2019

Greetings from the State House

The House and Senate are at the point of end of session. The legislature is finalizing budget bills and working out differences on bills between chambers before adjournment for the year.

The House and Senate came to agreement on a bill to address transparency in county and city budgeting and property tax levied. The bill passed out of committee was amended to address local government concerns, removing provisions on reverse referendums previsions and limitations on ending fund balances. The final bill provides that property tax increases greater than two percent will need approval by two-thirds of the members of a city council or board of supervisors. Additional time has been added to the budget process to provide notice to the public with reasons property tax increases.

Senate File 548 was passed by the House with a significant amendment to allow access to the revolving loan fund to address water quality in agricultural land including edge of field practices and buffer zones. The state revolving funds (SRF) has been established to provide loan funds for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure programs for both point and nonpoint water pollution and drinking water supply systems infrastructure upgrade needs, mostly by municipalities or rural water systems. The bill limits use of the SRF by a ‘private entity’ for acquisition of real property for future donation or sale to a political subdivision, DNR or federal government.

I floor managed Senate file 377 passed by the House. The bill extends immunity for tort liability to certain non-profit emergency medical service providers and fire departments. This bill extends similar benefits to volunteers regardless of the organizational structure of the entity.

I am looking forward to getting back home to my family. I appreciate the opportunity to represent you in Des Moines.

Very truly yours,

Representative Michael Bergan