Dairy Awards

By: News Release
Apr 6th, 2019

Scholarship Winners

This is the third year the Clayton Co. Dairy Promotion Committee has offered scholarships to support our county’s youth education beyond high school. We are happy to announce that three students will each be receiving a $500 scholarship: Emma Ehlers, Cassidy Penrod and Macie Weigand.

Emma Ehlers is the daughter of Richard and Jodi Ehlers of Edgewood. Emma will be graduating from Ed-Co High School this May with plans to attend Iowa State University for agricultural business/economics. She has held numerous leadership positions within the Woodcenter Eagles 4-H Club. Additionally, she has been active in FFA, FBLA, a state qualifier in large and individual speech and a World Food Prize Qualifier. Emma’s career goals include researching ways to produce more food at a cheaper cost while getting involved with ag legislation. One of her letters of recommendation stated the following about Emma, “She is a hard working young lady that has received numerous awards including the Danforth I Dare You award for her leadership.”

Cassidy Penrod is the daughter of Josh and Megan Schoulte of Farmersburg. Cassidy will be graduating from MFL Mar Mac this May with plans to study Agronomy at Iowa State University. She has been a very active member in 4-H and FFA and is currently the president of National Honor Society. Cassidy is also the leader of the Clayton Co. Crop Scouting Team. In the future, she hopes to return to northeast Iowa and utilize her agronomy degree to help other with crop production issues while being a seed dealer. One of letters of recommendation had the following to say about Cassidy, “She is always willing to help team members learn and encourages them. We are impressed with Cassidy’s willingness to work and take on new challenges.”

Macie Weigand is the daughter of Adam and Lisa Weigand of Monona. Macie will be graduating from MFL Mar Mac High School this May with plans to attend Hutchinson for Animal Science. She has served as president of her 4-H Club and FFA Chapter along with being a County Council member. Most recently at the National Western Stock Show, Macie earned high individual of the 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. Macie’s career goals are to become an animal nutritionist and a livestock evaluator. One of her letters of recommendation stated the following about Macie, “Her extensive knowledge and excitement for agriculture makes her one of the best advocates I know.”



   Qualifiers:  Herd owners whose production average for either milk, fat, protein, or combined fat & protein

exceeded the state breed average by at least 10% for the year January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018

and completed 6 DHIA tests.

   Qualifying Level:


Ayrshire 18,977 749      606 1,355

Brown Swiss 21,179 881      726 1,607

Guernsey 18,105 842      613 1,455

Holstein 26,469 1021      823    1,844

Jersey 18,743 917      686 ` 1,603

Milking Shorthorn 19,219 740      604 1,344

Mixed 22,860 927      739 1,666


Brown Swiss Herds:

Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona 22 25,473 1124     852 1976                

Mixed Herds:

Tim & Kari Gaul, Guttenberg 82 26,276 1026     812 1838     

Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 83 29,266 1085     921 2006

Holstein Herds:

Jeff West, Farmersburg 172 26,283 1018     836 1854

Scott & Suzy Hilgerson, Elkader  67 26,901 1005     826 1831

Terry Lenth, Luana 113 28,500 1090     866             1956 WesselCrest, Greeley 249 28,684 1139     932 2071

Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 95 29,294 1067       895 1962

Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona 117 30,944 1176     937             2113


Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona 30,994 lbs. Milk 2113 C.F.P.    


Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona 25,473 lbs. Milk 1976 C.F.P.


Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader 29,918 lbs. Milk    2006 C.F.P.


Larry & Liane Thompson, Monona 62,485 SCC

Thomas Johnson, Guttenberg 94,000 SCC


Larry & Liane Thompson, Monona MACMAN Holstein 48314 lbs. Milk


Lee & Sara Pattison, Garnavillo #49 Holstein 3410 lbs. C.F.P.

8.  HIGH 305 DAY MILK & C.F. P (colored breeds)

Lance & Jonna Schutte, Monona Hilary Brown Swiss 333,650 lbs. Milk   2891 lbs. C.F.P.


     The Clayton County Dairy Promotion Committee initiated a system 33 years ago of recognizing producers

with cows that produced in their lifetime 200,000 pounds of milk and/or 7,000 pounds of fat.  Since 1986

there have been 323 cows enrolled in the club. 24 more cows achieved those lifetime production totals

since last year's awards presentation.


  1. Loras Gerner, Garber #627 (50826827)

  2. Brian & Koral Harbaugh, Postville Trudey (53578153)

  3. Mark Bischoff , Garnavillo #650 (66590859)

  4. Whitford Dairy, LLC, Volga W-78 (42WKS6135)

  5. Larry & Liane Thompson & Jasen Thompson, Monona Razberet (42WJZ0894)

  6. Dennis & Lori Bergan, Elkader #235 (42WKH9335)

  7. Dennis & Lori Bergan , Elkader #269 (42WKP9169)

  8. Kregel Dairy, Guttenberg Bailey (42TBZ3275)

  9. Kregel Dairy, Guttenberg Marcy (42TDG6903)

  10. Kregel Dairy, Guttenberg #793 (42TDG7493)

  11. Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader Joni (139463464)

  12. Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader M-Fudge (207818057)

  13. Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader Pooh (139148114)

  14. Chad & Erin Hunt, Elkader Raven (64845129)

  15. WESSELCREST, Greeley Jubilee (66107741)

  16. WESSELCREST, Greeley Sunset (69226573)

  17. WESSELCREST, Greeley Arletta (66920460)

  18. WESSELCREST, Greeley Dessa (69226574)

  19. WESSELCREST, Greeley Karise (65530619)

  20. WESSELCREST, Greeley Malana (66920459)

  21. WESSELCREST, Greeley Liberty (136934189)

  22. WESSELCREST, Greeley Alora (69226575)

  23. WESSELCREST, Greeley #22 (42WLA2495)

  24. WESSELCREST, Greeley Kari (66920449)

       11.  DAIRY BEST AWARD

The Dairy Best award is presented annually to an eating establishment in Clayton County that does an outstanding job of serving real dairy products to the public.

Winner: Clayton Lighthouse, Clayton   

The Clayton Lighthouse is located in Clayton Iowa and is owned by Matt McLane.

The Clayton Lighthouse was recently purchased re-opened by Matt after being closed for a number of years. Matt’s Grandparents milked Holsteins until 2006, and Matt was actively engaged on the farm from a young age, so he knows how important quality dairy products are.

In addition to the beautiful view of the river The Clayton Lighthouse boasts many products that contain dairy, including Butter and Sour Cream on baked potatoes, American, Swiss, and Pepperjack cheese on burgers, Alfredo Sauce made with heavy cream on pasta , and Alcoholic Ice Cream drinks, like Grasshoppers.

Chocolate milk is also offered as a beverage for kids. For Desert the Clayton Lighthouse offers Cheesecake with a cherry topping, so there’s no limit to the dairy options available.


The Clayton County Dairy Promotion Committee annually honors a person or business that supports the dairy industry.

Winner: Utoni Ruff

At the April 2018 Clayton County Dairy Promotion meeting a challenge was brought forth by the Clayton County Farm Bureau. They were going to donate 24 gallons of milk for two weeks in June for Dairy Month and challenged us to do 24 gallons for the other two weeks. The committee held discussion and unanimously decided that we would supply 24 gallons of milk every week. Current funding for this project is provided by ice cream and milk sales from the Dairy Bar at the fairgrounds. The committee thought it was our duty to help provide real milk to families in our communities.

Utoni Ruff, the director of the Food Shelf, was contacted about our decision. Since beginning this promotion in May 2018, the Promotion Committee has contributed over 800 gallons of milk. Additionally, as a Thanksgiving/Christmas promotion we donated 504 pounds of butter and are hoping to add cream cheese next year. The number of families served during the holiday’s increases to 288 families in November and 319 families in December.   Milk total: 13,584 Individuals Butter total: 8064 Individuals

The Dairy Promotion Committee is thankful to Utoni for helping to get our nutritious dairy products out to those in need. We really appreciate that she is willing to do the initial purchasing and stocking of her refrigerators.

         13.  OUTSTANDING YOUNG DAIRY PRODUCER AWARD... Sponsor -Virgil Kregel Memorial    

The Outstanding Young Dairy Producer Award is a sincere effort to honor young dairy producers who have achieved excellence in managing their dairy enterprise, and have contributed leadership in the dairy industry and their communities. Nominees must be 40 years of age or younger to be eligible.

Sponsor: Virgil Kregel Memorial provided by the Kregel Family, winner also receives a semen certificate from International Protein Sires, Dennis Cline

Winner: Tony and Jamie Goodrich, St. Olaf   

This year’s young dairy producer is awarded to a couple who were married in September 2007 and both attended Southwest Tech for agricultural degrees. We are happy to award the Outstanding Young Dairy Producer to Tony and Jamie Goodrich.

Jamie graduated from Clayton ridge in 2006 and was active in 4-H, FFA and cheerleading. Tony graduated Prairie Du Chein High School in 2003.

Jamie graduated with honors from Southwest Tech for dairy herd management in 2007. Tony also attended Southwest Tech with a degree in Farm ag and diesel Mechanic in 2005

Jamie continues her education with programs like Annie's project for women in agriculture, through ISU Extension. She has attended calf management, bookkeeping and Farm Transition.

They have 2 children: Crystal, 9 and Christian, 6

Both families have farming backgrounds. Tony worked on his aunt and uncle’s farm as a boy and Jamie raised calves with her dad on an acreage in Clayton County. She also had 2 horses and rabbits. (and any other animal she could drag home!)

Tony worked for Helle's in Dyersville from 2005 to 2014. He and Jamie worked part time for Jeff West from 2008 to July 2014. They started full time for Jeff in July of 2014 and started buying into the farm in 2017, starting Westrich Dairy.  

Jamie takes care of the dairy herd and calves. She maintains the robotic milkers and calf feeders. Tony repairs agricultural equipment, tractors and general farm maintenance. He does field work and assists with cows as needed. As with any farm, they assist each other in the daily work.

Tony and Jamie are both involved in Clayton County Dairy Promotion and both are recently certified to teach archery for their 4-H program. Tony is a board councilman for Zion Lutheran Church in Clayton Center and  Jamie has coached her daughter’s soccer team. They help out whenever possible at the Clayton County Fair.


The Distinguished Dairy Producer Award honors dairy families and individuals who have achieved excellence in managing their dairy enterprise while contributing leadership to the dairy industry and their communities. Honoring these outstanding producers serves as a tribute to the time and effort they have put forth in advancing the dairy industry.

Winner: Terry Lenth,  Luana

This year’s Distinguished Dairy Producer is Terry Lenth of Luana. Terry grew up on his family’s dairy farm milking cows, raising hogs and growing crops. He took over more responsibilities that led to ownership of the farm. Over the years he has made changes and improvements to barns and buildings to become more efficient. He currently milks 115 Holstein cows, marketing his milk through Prairie Farms.  Terry farms 305 acres of corn/alfalfa and finishes out steers.

In 1992 the current parlor, double five herringbone, and freestall barn were built. The parlor was added onto to have a double six. Cows are milked three times a day and fed a TMR. Terry has his applied Animal Science degree from NICC.

He has received a milk quality award from Prairie Farms from the past 18 years. Terry has also served on the board at Postville Farmer Coop as the Secretary. Additionally, he has been a 4H leader and is active in St. Paul Lutheran Church.

Terry has three children:

Brittany, teaches at Wapsie Valley

Ben, senior at Iowa State

Brayden, Sophomore at Postville High School


The Senior Dairy Award honors individuals who have provided outstanding support to the dairy industry and producers.

Winner: Gene Harbaugh, Guttenberg

The Senior Dairy Award is presented to an individual who has been active within the dairy industry for 65 years; please help me in congratulating Richard Harbaugh.

Gene Harbaugh, age 76, of Guttenberg has three children, Kevin, Craig, and Marcia. Richard and his son Craig are the owners of Harbaugh Haven Holsteins. The farm is a total of 150 Acres and about 10 acres of rented land. Richard has been active in the dairy industry for 65 years. Richard and his wife Sharon purchased the farm in 1971.  Milk has been marketed to AMPI of Arlington. Harbaugh Haven Holstein is a 75 head registered Holstein herd.

Throughout Richard’s milking career the milk barn has been added on to and a new heifer shed has been built. The barn holds about 65 cows with a few box stalls for calving. Gene use to farm with his dad before moving to where the home farm is today.

Besides Gene, his son Craig is also actively involved within the farm. Craig is half owner of Harbaugh Haven Holsteins. Craig is in charge of mating selections, feeding, milking and calf chores. Along with Criag, his granddaughter Brianna also helps out on the farm. Brianna helps milk, do calf chores, and works with animals for local shows.

Harbaugh Haven Holsteins has exported cattle to South America, Korea, Japan, and the middle East.