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Mar 8th, 2019

March 7, 2019

Greetings from the State House,

Funnel week is a deadline where bills must be approved by at least one committee.  If a bill doesn’t pass a committee, it’s dead for the year. This helps us narrow our focus, allowing us to throw things overboard that still need work.  Funnel doesn’t apply to Appropriations or Ways & Means bills. It is one of the busiest weeks of session with several subcommittees and long committees to move bills.  

We will have the second funnel next month where bills that the Senate sends to us must be voted out of committee.  We will have lots of floor debate next week so we give the Senate an opportunity to review our bills before the second funnel.

The week started off with excitement over HF542 which would in part prohibit the department of natural resources or a county from accepting and developing land with some exceptions, prioritizing maintenance and enhancement of currently owned open spaces of statewide significance.  Over 50 people from NE Iowa came to the Capitol, joining about 200 others, in objecting to the proposed limitation. Several county conservation projects in the area would be negatively impacted by the bill. The subcommittee did not advance the bill; being subjected to the funnel process, the bill is dead.  I appreciate the advocacy demonstrated in carrying the message to the legislature in support of conservation efforts in Iowa.

I had the pleasure this week of being on subcommittees for HF 538 an act relating to mandatory child abuse and dependent adult abuse reporter training requirements; as well as HSB 235 an act relating to the authority and duties of the auditor of state by modifying provisions relating to the collection of certain fees and the provision of municipal financial management training and including applicability provisions.  I am managing HF 619, an act relating to mental health commitments; it was the last subcommittee to be held this week; then the last bill to be voted out of committee at the end of day on Thursday, meeting the funnel deadline.

Advocacy groups at the Capitol this week included Special Olympics, Community Colleges, Iowa State University, and Iowa Biodiesel.  I enjoyed visiting with Emma Tan, a West Central student taking classes at NICC. Emma is one of many students benefiting by taking college classes in high school for credit.  It is just one more way that we are working to make a college education affordable and offering opportunities to explore trades and industry opportunities in Northeast Iowa.

I will be attending local forums next week, Saturday, March 16.  The forum begins 9 am at the Arlington Community Center and 11:15 am at Turner Hall in Postville, sponsored by Farm Bureau members.

Very truly yours,


Representative Michael Bergan

House District 55, portions of Clayton, Fayette, and Winneshiek Counties

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NICC was represented at Community College Day on the Hill showcasing their role in secondary education and Future Ready Iowa.  Pictured are Josh Shimak, Success Coach, Representative Bergan, Emma Tan, student at West Central High School in Maynard, Julia Sollien, Assistant to the President, and Erin Powers-Daley, Director of Recruitment.