Clermont Search

By: News Release
Mar 7th, 2019

On March 6th, 2019 the Fayette County Sheriff's Office conducted a search warrant at T's Brick City Spa (formerly known as Krooked Halo) at 221 Mill Street in Clermont, owned by Tanya Tysland. The warrant stems from complaints that the business was actively selling CBD Oil and CBD edible candy. Iowa Code section 124E spells out the Iowa law,  that regulates the use of medical marijuana products in the state. The law specifically states that any product derived from the cannabis sativa plant, marijuana or hemp, is illegal to possess in Iowa without a medical marijuana card, and can only be distributed at 5 locations in the State of Iowa. Any marijuana or hemp that can be ingested by edible means or inhaling is also illegal in the state.


It has been a common misconception that CBD Oil and any hemp derivatives are legal since the 2018 Farm bill was passed through Congress, but Iowa law still holds any derivatives from the cannabis sativa plant as a Schedule I Controlled Substance and this supersedes federal law.


Items were seized from T's Brick City Spa, and notice was given to cease and desist the sale of such products. Any citizens that have already purchased CBD products are urged to turn them over to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, since the possession of these products are illegal and punishable under the Iowa Code 124.401. This incident remains an active investigation.