Elderly Scam

By: News Release
Jan 4th, 2019

Over the past two weeks there have been two instances where the elderly were the target of an elaborate scam to obtain finances from them.  In the first instance the caller purported to be an agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration out of Dallas.  The caller had told the victim that their banking account was tied to some illegal drug activity as well as money laundering in Texas.  After building a rapport with the victim the caller then said that since their bank account was compromised, they needed to protect their assets by withdrawing all the money in the account then purchasing Google Play Cards at local businesses (Kwik Star, and Dollar General) then call them back.  Once the victim calls back they are instructed to give them the card number and security pin numbers.  They are told that they will be given a code to access their funds which are being placed in a secure account.  After the victim gives all of the pin numbers for the cards over they have effectively given all of the value of the cards to an unknown scammer.  This victim lost $4,500.00 but an alert clerk inquired as to what she was doing and caught her before she could give them an additional $1,000.00.


The second scam occurred involved a victim who was called by, who she believed to be a friend.  The caller said they were in Chicago where they were arrested and jailed and needed money to get out.  To build a rapport the caller put his "attorney" on the phone who then told the victim that their friend would need $2,000.00 to be released from jail.  The "attorney", then instructed the victim how to send the money,  telling them to go to Kwik Star in Manchester and purchase ebay gift cards and call him when she had them in their possession.  The victim called back and was instructed to give the card numbers and pin numbers to him, effectively handing over the money to the scammer. 


If anyone receives a call of questionable nature contact local law enforcement before taking any action.