Ed-Co Board

By: KCTN News
Jan 2nd, 2019

REGULAR MEETING December 18, 2018
Director Faust moved to approve the Resolution ordering election on the question of Levying and imposing a voter approved Physical Plant and Equipment Property Tax and Income Surtax. Director Venteicher seconded the movement. Roll Call: Ayes: Faust, Gudenkauf, Elliot, & Schilling. Nays: None. Motion Carried 5-0.
The Board discussed the letter from the Community Dreams Committee.
The Board discussed the Building Projects.
Director Gudenkauf moved to approve the Purchase of Bleachers from Hanson Sports in the amount of $34,500.00. Director Elliot seconded the movement. Motion Carried 5-0.
Principal Voss: Discussed the results from the Every Student Succeeds Act Report. Congratulations for Dayne Bergan and Erica Voss for advancing to the final round of Know Your Constitution. The JR/SR High concert went over very well at the Church.
Superintendent Busch: Barb, Brenda, & Melissa have researched some online payment programs available to schools. Going to go with the online payment program with JMC. Plan to start setting it up in the Second Semester. We will have a student teacher in 1st grade, 3rd grade, & 4th grade starting in January. Of the 295 students in the Elementary 288 of them we represented by families at parent-teacher conferences or at additional set times.
The Board Discussed how the Legislative Session went.
Director Elliot: Love having the Elementary concerts split up.
Director Schilling: The High School & Junior High concerts were great. The Elementary concerts were great as well. Congratulations to Dayne Bergan & Erica Voss. I would like to see us look into teaching a Hunter Safety course.
Director Venteicher moved to approve the Consent Agenda.
a. Approve minutes of November 19 & December 5, 2018 meetings
b. List of Expenditures and Financial Reports
c. Open Enrollment
- From Clayton Ridge-2nd Grade & 6th Grade
REGULAR MEETING December 18, 2018
d. Special Education Contracts
e. Fundraisers
-Pennies for Patients-FBLA
-Patriot Week/Patriot Night-FBLA
f. Personnel
i. Resignations
- Makenna Slight-JH Boys Track
- Aaron Hamann- JH Girls Basketball
ii. New Hire
- Makenna Slight-HS Girls Track
- Aaron Hamann-Head Baseball
- Brad Streicher-Assistant Baseball
- Roger Wright-JH Baseball
- Tracy Schrader-Head Softball
- Kennedy Carithers-Assistant Softball
- Kari Fitzpatrick-JH Softball
iii. Contract Adjustments
iv. Volunteer Coaches/Sponsors
- Taylor Bockenstedt-Cheerleading
Director Elliot seconded the movement. Motion Carried 5-0.
With no further business to come before the board for consideration at this time, Director Gudenkauf moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 p.m. Director Elliot seconded the movement. Motion Carried 5-0.
Exempt Session for preparation for collective bargaining per Iowa Code 20.17(3) was held.
General Fund:
1st Class Lighting, bulbs $ 179.40
Ace Homeworks, supplies 24.57
Advantage Administrators, fee 93.30
Alliant Energy, electricity 6,600.29
American Institutes for Research, testing 147.00
Apple Financial Services, Ipads 1,197.00
Area Education Agency, computer repairs 774.20
Arnold Motor Supply, supplies 27.00
Bi-County Disposal, garbage collection 389.13
Black Hills, heating 5,234.08
Central Community School, open enrollment 13,974.54
Chemsearch, chemicals 1,149.50
REGULAR MEETING December 18, 2018
City of Colesburg, water/sewer 693.52
City of Edgewood, water/sewer 504.19
Continental Research Corp., supplies 786.42
Decker Equipment, supplies 534.25
Edgewood Auto & Tire, towing 265.50
Edgewood Building Center, tiles & repairs 745.96
Edgewood Farm & Home Supply, supplies 88.24
Edgewood Reminder, publication 209.00
Elan, postage, supplies, travel, & background checks 875.32
Energy Association of Iowa Schools, radon test kits 200.00
Enterprise Financial, fee 353.00
Everett's Auto Parts, parts 69.15
Every's Auto & Tire Center, diesel 7.04
Follett School Solutions Inc., library books 530.73
Harrison Truck Centers, repairs 799.20
HDC Business Forms Corp., envelopes 61.90
Iowa Communications Network, network services 1,245.98
Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals Food & Consumer Safety Bureau, license 150.00
Iowa School Finance Information Services, workshop 75.00
Iowa Sprinkler Systems, sprinkler heads 440.00
Karl's Grocery, supplies 413.26
Malausky, David, supplies 1,413.82
Maquoketa Valley Comm. School, open enrollment 3,493.64
Medical Enterprises, dues & testing 815.00
Midwest Alarm Services, monitoring 300.00
Regional Family Health, physical 150.00
Sills, Tangee, supplies 8.57
Silveredge Cooperative, diesel 1,020.00
Silverstone, GASB 75 valuation 3,000.00
Spahn & Rose Lumber Co., supplies 31.90
Sperfslage-George, Karen, supplies 18.65
St. Marks Catholic Church, supplies 15.00
Starmont Community School, open enrollment 31,442.72
Superior Welding Supply Co., supplies 650.88
Thomas Bus Sales of Iowa, Inc., parts 99.00
Three Rivers FS Co., LP & Gasohol 2,057.02
Timberline Billing Service LLC., medicaid 469.03
Walmart Community, supplies 126.87
Weber Paper Company, supplies 2,092.03
West Delaware Co. Comm. School, open enrollment 42,246.89
West Music Co., music 118.15
Total: $ 128,406.84
REGULAR MEETING December 18, 2018
Don & Walt LLC, repairs & new drinking fountain $ 7,386.55
Lake Design & D├ęcor, blinds 15,698.00
Martin Gardner Architecture, services 7,149.69
Zephyr, windows 750.00
Total: $ 30,984.24
PPEL Fund:
Access Systems Leasing, copier lease $ 1,591.05
Student Activity Fund:
Armel, Ray, official $ 117.22
Atlantic Coca-Cola, vending machine 157.25
Beacon Athletics, tarp 519.00
Bolsinger, Tucker, mail carrier 90.00
Brehmer, Isaac, official 118.04
Cascade High School, entry fee 80.00
Center Point/Urbana Schools, entry fees 36.00
Cherry Bros, LLC DBA Cherrydale, supplies 16.50
Clayton Ridge CSD, entry fee 85.00
Edgewood Locker, fundraiser 3,752.05
Edgewood Signs & Designs, shirts, jerseys, & supplies 594.84
Elan, Ipads, supplies, & postage 1,661.15
Gibbs, Joe, official 100.00
Glawe, Bob, official 46.15
Harder, Terry, official 94.92
Houselog, Joe, official 51.07
Iowa Girls H.S. Athletic Union, scorebook cover & sheets 31.00
Jacobsen, Andrew, official 100.00
Jacobson, Mike, official 100.00
Kerns, Jody, supplies 55.73
Kintzle-Davidshofer, Kari, supplies 25.13
Link, Randy, official 603.75
Mais, Lenny, official 108.04
McCormick, Jeff, services 235.00
Miller, Karie, supplies 10.53
Minntex Citrus, FFA Fruit 11,428.02
Monticello Sports, scorebooks & tape 181.90
NEIBA, honor band 48.00
North Linn Community School, entry fee 25.00
Oelwein Community School District, entry fee 80.00
Poggenklass, David, services 225.22
Price, Brian, official 100.00
Rodenberg, Bob, official 100.00
REGULAR MEETING December 18, 2018
Sadler, Dennis, official 118.04
Schnier, Wayne, official 100.00
Singsank, Tim, official 621.79
United Camps, Conferences & Retreats, travel 255.00
Wille, Holly, supplies 5.35
Total: $ 22,076.69
Nutrition Fund:
Atlantic Coca-Cola, ala carte $ 943.57
ECOLAB, supplies 451.63
Elan, hot lunch 42.05
Keck Foods, hot lunch 1,575.19
Martin Brothers, hot lunch. ala carte, supplies, & fee 11,825.09
NPC International, Inc., hot lunch 483.00
Prairie Farms Dairy, milk 2,256.39
Sara Lee Bakery Group/Earthgrains, bread 557.64
Venegas, Cupertino & Irais Jiloteo, lunch refund 8.70
Total: $ 18,143.26
Total of All Funds: $ 201,202.08