House 55 Recount

By: KCTN News
Nov 28th, 2018

Republican Representative Michael Bergan is the winner for the House District 55 seat by nine votes.   Recounts were completed in Winneshiek and Clayton County.  Bergan added five votes in Winneshiek County bringing his total to 6,924.  Koether added three votes, one in Clayton County and two in Winneshiek County, bringing her total to 6,915.  In Winneshiek County nearly 57-percent of the vote was by absentee.  31-votes will not be counted because they were not postmarked.

Unofficial Results of the Recount for Iowa House District 55 in Winneshiek County


These are Winneshiek County Totals only (does not include Fayette or Clayton County).


Original Results from canvass held November 12th:


Bergan:  4102

Koether:  4694

Write-in:  5

Undervote:  107

Overvote:  2


Unofficial Results of the recount held November 27th:


Bergan:  4107

Koether:  4696

Write-in:  5

Undervote:  102

Overvote:  0


These results will be certified by the Board of Supervisors at the canvass at Noon on Wednesday November 28th.