Winneshiek Releases

By: News Release
Nov 1st, 2018

Date: 10/30/2018
Time: 2:57 PM
Location: Pole Line in Orleans Township
Total Property Damage: $51,500

Driver: Gerald Ferrie
Address: Cresco, Iowa
Age: 64
Vehicle: 07 International Semi

Driver: David Drtina
Address: Cresco, Iowa
Age: 76
Vehicle: John Deere Tractor

Driver: Adam Strand
Address: Cresco, Iowa
Age: 34
Vehicle: 04 Chevrolet Tahoe

Driver: N/A Parked
Vehicle: Winneshiek County Emergency Management 2011 Ford F250 Truck

Accident Details: Ferrie was traveling westbound on Pole Line Road cresting a hill. Drtina was pulling two corn wagons, turned right out of a field driveway onto Pole Line Road. Drtina had to make a wide right turn due to the narrow field driveway. Ferrie saw Drtina and took evasive action by braking and ultimately swerving to the right ditch to avoid colliding with Drtina. Ferrie clipped a culvert under the roadway and rolled onto the right side spilling the load of corn. Drtina was not part of the collision. No ambulance transport was needed and no citations were issued.

Deputies had closed the roadway to investigate and clean up the accident scene. During this time motorist, Adam Strand, drove around a fully lit sheriff’s vehicle parked in the roadway. Strand struck a Winneshiek County Deputy who was attempting to stop him from entering the accident scene. Strand continued through the accident scene and then struck a fully lit emergency management vehicle that was parked blocking the accident scene. Both vehicles sustained minor damages. Strand was under the influence. Due to Strand’s level of intoxication he was transported by Howard County Ambulance to Regional Health Services of Howard County in Cresco, and then transferred to Mayo in Rochester. The Winneshiek County Deputy who was struck sustained minor injuries. These accidents were investigated by the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office along with the Howard County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol. The Cresco Police Department, Cresco Fire and Winneshiek County Emergency Management also responded to the scene and assisted with these cases. The Strand accident remains under investigation and multiple charges are pending.

Accident Update 11/1/2018: Charges have been filed by the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office against Adam Strand. Strand has been charged with failure to maintain control, striking an unattended vehicle, failure to comply with an order of a peace officer, failure to maintain or use safety belts, an unsafe approach to certain stationary vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving. The Iowa State Patrol has pending charges of operating while under the influence 2nd Offense.

Date: 10/30/2018
Time: 2:08 pm
Incident/Charge: (2) Violation of Probation Warrants
Location: Winneshiek County Jail

Person: Troy Sobolik
Address: Cresco, Iowa
Age: 44

Incident Details: Troy Sobolik was incarcerated in the Winneshiek County Jail and served with two Howard County violation of probation warrants.