West Union Council

By: KCTN News
Oct 19th, 2018

Council Chambers, City Hall, October 15, 2018, 6:00 P.M.

West Union City Council met October 15, 2018 at 6:00 P.M. at Council Chambers with Mayor Adam Keller presiding, and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance Roll call: Present –Smith, Stansbery, Bentley, Granger, and Gumm. Absent: None

Approval of the Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Stansbery, to approve the agenda Agenda amending to add item #5-an Update on Fayette County Fair, and to change the

name on the new Mexican restaurant liquor application to Tasting Tequila & Food,

Inc. (name submitted originally was already used). All Aye. Carried.

Approval of the Motion was made by Bentley, seconded by Stansbery, to approve minutes of the

Minutes October 1, 2018 regular meeting as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Update on Justin Steinlage and Andy Bilden updated Council on the 2018 Fayette County Fair,

Fayette County Fair and Thanked Council for their contribution to bring in the midway in 2018. They

would like to partner together again this year, and have booked the same midway to come back. Council will discuss at budget time.

Approve Liquor Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to approve the following

Licenses liquor licenses: LCV082252, Tasting Tequila & Food, Inc

WBN000571 Old Mill Floral

BW00956673 Stolen Brothers BBQ LLC

Discuss Incentives Kevin Cline asked Council for 6 months of water/sewer as a welcome to the new

For Businesses Mexican restaurant, or incentives to get them started with a $1,000-2,000 value.

McIntyre shared some ideas previously discussed for new home buyers/builders and

businesses, and asked Council to form a committee and work to come up with

something solid that we can use as marketing. Starks commented that water/sewer

should not be offered with the projects we have coming, but should come from an

Economic Development line in the General Fund.

Adopt Ord. 600 This is to amend to add the new flashing reduced speed lights on Bradford Street

Amending the during school hours. Stansbery made a motion to approve the First Read as

Special Speed presented. Granger seconded. All Aye. Carried.

Restrictions A motion was then made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger, to waive the 2nd and

3rd Readings. All Aye. Carried.

Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger, to Adopt Ordinance 600 as

amended. All Aye. Carried.

Adopt Ord. 601 This ordinance is amended to add No Parking on the north side of Lincoln Drive

Amending Parking and Lincoln Way where the bike/walk lane was added. Motion was made by

Regulations Gumm, seconded by Stansbery, to approve the First Reading as presented. All Aye.


Motion was then made by Gumm, seconded by Bentley, to Waive the 2nd and 3rd

Readings. All Aye. Carried.

Motion to Adopt Ordinance 601 as amended was then made by Gumm, seconded

by Bentley. All Aye. Carried.

Approve Payment Jon Biederman, Fehr Graham, advised this is mainly for the railing installed, and

To Baker for Adams still waiting on one more to be finished. Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded

Street Project by Gumm, to approve PPE #6 for $6,962.07 to Baker Enterprises for the Adams

Street Project. All Aye. Carried.

Approve Payment Biederman advised in the deduct last month, a number was transposed and this is

And Change Order to correct that. Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger, to approve

To Visu-Sewer for PPE #3 for $190.00 to Visu-Sewer for Sanitary Sewer Repairs and CIIP Lining.

CIIP Lining All Aye. Carried. Motion was then made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger, to

approve change order #3 for $200.00 for the same issue. All Aye. Carried.

Resol 2019-20 The fuel farm is in and just needs to be wired. Credit cards will be the payment Approving Credit method for the fuel, so we need a network provider. PSN is not approved, which is

Cards with First who we just set up for water bills, so McIntyre recommends First Data. We will

Data for the Fuel need to buy a $600 modem, a one-time fee. Other costs will transfer to about 3-4%

Farm added into fuel price to pay. Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Bentley, to

approve as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Resol 2019-21 Grass is still not growing well, but with the rain, will need to address under the

To Pay Ray’s 2-year maintenance next spring. Mechanically the Equalization Basin is working

Excavating for great. Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Granger, to approve

Equalization Basin PPE #8-Final for $25,908.13 to Ray’s Excavating. All Aye. Carried.

Resol 2019-22 Motion was made by Granger, seconded by Stansbery, to approve Resolution

Accepting Project 2019-22 approving the Letter of Acceptance for Project 15-897, Equalization Basin

For Equalization and UV at the WWTP. All Aye. Carried.

Basin & UV Project

Geothermal Cathy Bemiss advised Council she has been researching on the Geothermal system,

Discussion and under the Iowa Code, that is considered an Essential Service, which the City

would then want to operate as an Enterprise Fund if they choose to end the lease

with the West Union District Energy, LLC and bring under the City. General Fund

money can be used for expenses as long as it is less than $400,000. At that point,

the expense would need to go to vote, and must pass by 60%. Because the system is

an Asset, her opinion is to seek a 3rd party to purchase the system and be able to

have the means to market and expand it easier than the City can. McIntyre added

that we have a commitment to the 11 users that have currently hooked on to it and

would like to see us continue working to add more users, which would then drive the price even lower for each business. Dick Woodard commented as one of the

users that he would like to see us educate more and give the system time to get

more users hooked into it as it is working well. He recommends extending the lease

another year to do the research and work on a grant to assist businesses.

Approve Extending Granger made a motion to extend the lease another year for the geothermal system

Geothermal Lease in the downtown with West Union District Energy, LLC. Bentley seconded. All With West Union Aye. Carried. Stansbery added that he would like McIntyre to seek out 3rd parties

District Energy LLC that may have interest in the system.

Approve Dirt from McIntyre has been in discussion with the Fayette County Supervisors and Engineer

Retention Basin to on the lots in the Industrial Park, and would like to move the dirt taken from the

Fayette County retention basin in Commercial Park to the easement area west of the Sheriff’s Sheriff lot office. Loren Steinlage has also requested reimbursement if any of his beans are

damaged in the process, as he does not know when he will get them out. Motion

was made by Stansbery to approve the excess dirt being moved, Bentley seconded.

All Aye. Carried. In discussing damage to the beans, the Council feels since there

has been no rent paid to us on the property, they do not feel obligated to reimburse

for any crops.

Discuss Utilities to Fayette County is also asking if the City would participate in running water/sewer

The West on South lines to the west on South Industrial Parkway. Biederman provided cost estimates

Industrial Parkway for the whole project, and for materials only. He advised it would be good to run

the sewer all the way, but would not need to go any further than the county

building for now with the water. The County is planning to put in a cul-de-sac and

street to go east and west, of which they will maintain. Starks asked that we get a

written agreement on that. Discussion amongst the Council is due to the County

being a tax exempt entity, they did not feel we could participate.

Approve September Motion was made by Stansbery, seconded by Gumm, to approve September Financials financials as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Approve October Motion was made by Gumm, seconded by Granger, to approve October, 2018

Expenditures expenditures totaling $206,279.64 as presented. All Aye. Carried.


A-1 Vacuum – Vacuum $ 454.95

Abdo Spotlight – Books 387.95

Advanced Systems – Copiers $ 406.91

Advanced Systems-Texas – Copier 104.17

Aflac – Insurance 175.08

AgVantage – LP Gas 470.00

All Stop – Fuel 1,371.84

Allamakee-Clayton – Loan 3,000.00

Allamakee-Clayton Elec – Electric 3,941.55

Alliant – Electric service 11,479.06

Amazon – Books 550.61

Amie Johansen – Mileage 168.95

Andy Bilden – Inflatables 400.00

Appliance Plus of Oelwein – Phone 24.95

Bemiss – BrewBQ 685.60

Black Hawk Waste – Garbage 201.00

Black Hills – Gas 876.87

Bodensteiner – Parts 88.13

BP Express – Fuel 676.62

BSN Sports – Paint 314.90

Buck Hollow Band – BrewBQ 300.00

Center Point Large Print – Books 510.48

CenturyLink – Phone 884.86

Chris Lauer – Concrete, Trees 979.86

City Laundry – Uniforms, Towels 406.33

Cline’s – Sewer, Jackhammer, Boom 3,325.00

College Subscription – Subscription 17.98

Croell – Concrete 827.70

Dan McElree – Build Shed 1,500.00

Data Technologies – Updates 492.91

Diamond Vogel – Paint 1,810.05

E.F.T.P.S- Payroll Taxes 12,528.96

Earl’s Locksmith – Locks 340.00

Elwood – Legal Fees 525.00

Fauser – Fuel 381.03

Fay. Co Auditor – Geo Elec 438.60

Fay. Co. Extension – Applicator’s Classes 140.00

Fay. Co Union – Publications 327.23

Fay. Co Recycling – Fees 7,625.81

Fayette Publishing – Publishing 54.00

FCSWM – Qtrly Landfill 20,714.61

Fire Safety – Pump Test 1,611.54

Galls – Uniforms 39.94

General Traffic – Hwy 18/Pine 1,475.00

Hartland Lubricants – Supplies 758.75

Hawkeye InterConnect – Internet 111.67

Hi-Viz – Safety Supplies 597.00

Industrial Chem Labs – Graffiti Remover 165.51

Ingram – Books 261.57

Iowa Dept of Public Safety – Bills 300.00

Iowa One Call – Locates 69.30

Iowa Soccer – Registration 1,607.00

IPERS - 9,244.80

Jay’s Automotive – Tires 43.00

John Deere Credit Union – Supplies 428.37

Kahn Tile – Tile 1,245.49

Kathy Guyer – Motel 157.24

Keystone Lab – Tests 275.05

Kirkwood – Fire School 935.00

Krivachek Janitorial – Supplies 162.83

LeRoy Soppe – Airport 635.00

Marco – Copier 169.75

Marty Stanbrough – Tables 120.00

NAPA – Parts 502.33

NEIA Mechanical – Electrical 1,703.79

NEIA Telephone – Repairs 175.00

Nick McIntyre – Mileage 70.02

Nutrien Ag – Chemicals 295.00

Olsgard – Plow Bracket 1,584.00

Paul Niemann – Rock 1,542.35

Petty Cash – Postage 327.26

PLS – Training 480.00

Reiser Imp – Parts 202.62

Reliant Fire – Screen Intake 79.37

Rite Price – Office Supplies 44.07

Shelly Kingsley – Janitorial, Downtown 650.00

Simple & Delicious – Subscription 19.98

Sims – UPS 29.81

Solutions – Software 28.75

Spahn & Rose – Supplies 106.20

Speer Financial – TIF 325.00

State Hygenic Lab – Testing 58.50

Steven Schroeder – BrewBQ 200.00

TestAmerica – Testing 247.70

Tom Luhman –Firemen Compensation 624.00

Treasurer, State of Iowa –State WH, Sales Tax 5,046.52

Trend Enterprises – Supplies 137.85

Truck Country – Repairs 66.34

United Beverage – BrewBQ 311.00

United Contracting – Fuel Farm 15,670.25

US Cellular – Cell Phones 317.86

US Postmaster – Postage 352.80

UsGaard & Smith – Trimmer 51.36

Verizon – Phones 64.36

VISA – Supplies 798.77

Walvatne – Repairs 497.92

WU District Energy – GEO 295.00

WU Hardware – Supplies 125.99

West Union Motor Supply – Parts 507.54

WU Vet – Boarding 52.70

Wex Bank – Fuel 1,187.05

Wilbur – Repairs, New Truck 32,099.04

Zarnoth – Broom 248.00

Total Payroll 41,085.02

TOTAL CLAIMS $ 206,279.64


General $ 72,474.20

Util Billing 99,161.22

TOTAL RECEIPTS $ 171,635.42

Next Council Next regular council meeting will be Monday, November 5, 2018, at 6:00 pm

Meeting in Council Chambers.

Adjourn With no further business to bring before the Council, a motion was made

by Granger, seconded by Stansbery, to adjourn. All Aye. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:42 p.m.