Luana Council

By: KCTN News
Oct 6th, 2018

Luana City Council Minutes of October 4, 2018

Meeting at the Luana City Hall

The Luana City Council held their regular monthly meeting Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm. with Council Members Lonnie Baade, Brenda Boddicker, Paul Miller, Todd Olson and Jackie Radloff-Schneider present. Absent: none.

Mayor Jerry Schroeder called meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Minutes of September meeting were reviewed and approved upon a motion by Miller, second by Baade carried unanimously.

Boddicker motioned to pay all monthly claims totaling $15,224.86, Olson second, carried unanimously. Receipts for the month totaled $45,814.59. Baade motioned to pass Res. 10-18 T.O.F, Boddicker second, carried unanimously. Council reviewed reconciled reports.

Miller motioned to enter into Mutual Aid Agreement for Emergency Services between fire departments of Crawford County WI and Luana Volunteer Fire Department, Clayton County, IA, Boddicker second, carried unanimously.

Council discussed and confirmed that the City of Luana will pay for the new firehouse’s electric, gas and snow removal.

Council was informed that old fire house was surveyed. Consensus of council to move forward with process of receiving sealed bids and public hearing.

Concern of light removed by Alliant near corner of Main Street causing safety concerns. Alliant will be contacted.

Olson motioned to approve Local Match Resolution 10-2018 in the amount of $4748 for new siren warning system, Radloff-Schneider second. Roll call vote: Ayes 5, Nays 0. Application for Federal Assistance was signed.

Council member was questioned if birds could be raised within city limits. It was reiterated that it is against city code to have a business on residential property.

Administrator Humble covered completed AFR with council. Council was informed of publication of said report date of October 17, 2018. Baade motioned to approve 2018AFR, Olson second, carried unanimously.

Brought to the council concern for residents located at Luana Senior Housing being able to back out of driveways because of poles across the alleyway.

Next regular Council meeting will be held November 1, 2018 at 7:00pm.

Mayor Schroeder adjourned the meeting at 8:00 pm.

Tammy Humble, City Administrator

Monthly Expenditures $15224.86: ACCO $1,503.23(Water parts); Alliant Energy $1,244.52; Blackhills Energy $142.86; Certified Letters $107.20; Electric Motor Shop $424.73(Lift station repair); Federal Taxes $868.78;

Garm's Financial $666.00(Firehouse insurance);IA State University $50.00(FSTB Certification); IPERS $888.07; Iowa One Call $36.00; John Deere Financial $286.76(Firehouse supplies/well parts); Keystone Lab $12.50(Water chemicals); Luana Fire Dept. $100.41(Reimbursement); Luana Tavern $75.00(Fireman's lunch);

Mid-America Publishing $67.23; NEIT $159.33; Postage $126.20; Sales Tax $1,141.00; Sautter's Auto $85.60

(Fireman's supplies);Scott Torkelson $84.00(Fireman's tool bags); State Withholding $665.00; Tammy Humble $114.43(Office supplies); Wages $4,688.71; Waste Management $1,687.30.

Fire Department Expenditures $609.72; General Fund Expenditures $12524.95; Propriety Expenditures $1989.78; Road Use Tax Expenditures $0; TIF Expenditures $0.

Monthly Revenue $45814.59: EMC Insurance$20,932.82; Franchise Tax (Black Hills) $15.94; Garms Financial $1,214.00; Interest $138.07; Local Option $2,133.46; Luana Community Club $357.00; Property Tax $4,590.57; RUT $1,736.48; Utilities $14,696.25.

New Firehouse Expenses $38036.07: Alliant Energy $1,174.08; B&K Heating $1,103.76; Brenen's Painting $6,125.00;

Brenton Buildings $22,458.00; CJ Moyna & Sons $402.81; Croell $3,825.00; DSG $377.02; Klutch Hose $611.08; Smitty's Oil $1,959.32.

New Firehouse Income $41230.00: Bank Loan $24,300.00; Donations $16,930.00.