Sink Hole

By: News Release
Oct 4th, 2018

Montfort man falls into sink hole.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office took a report of a man who fell into a sink hole in the 200 block of Mineral St. 31 year old Joshua Crespo of Montfort, had fallen into the hole as the ground gave away approximately three feet in front of his garage. He was trapped in the hole for approximately 30 minutes as he screamed for help. The hole kept giving away going deep underground. A neighbor heard his cries for help and put a step ladder into the hole. The man was unable to get out with the ladder as the hole was very unstable and approximately 25 feet
deep. The neighbor backed his truck up to the hole, put a log chain on the frame of the truck and threw the other end to the man in the hole to stabilize him while he called 911. Montfort Fire, Montfort EMS, and a Grant County Sheriff's Deputy responded to the scene. The area around the sink hole was very unstable. The walls of the hole continued to collapse as they worked to free the man. A strap was lowered to the man and a rope attached to it. Together all the first responders on scene were able to pull the man to safety. The man was evaluated by EMS but
was not transported. No injuries were reported.