Elkader Council

By: KCTN News
Sep 12th, 2018

                The Elkader City Council met Monday and approved an 80/20 percent  agreement, up to $1 million, with the Iowa department of transportation for a renovation of the Keystone Bridge.  The project will include replacing the sidewalk and railing, painting and addressing the rust on the metal supports that hold the sidewalk up, it is tuckpointing where needed, replace driving surface, and opening up the bridge under the driving surface to replace some base rock and adding some stabilization rods (rods that tie the two sides together).  It is estimated that the project will cost approximately $800,000.

                “It will take 12-18 months to design so drivers need not worry yet,” City Administrator Jennifer Cowsert said.   “I don’t know how long the construction will take but we do understand it is a major inconvenience.  Unfortunately when you try to preserve a historic bridge, we have to do work on it frequently. 

                Council members also approved a three year agreement with Hawkeye Sanitation for sanitation services for the community.