Multi-Cropping Iowa

Tuesday, August 27th, 4:30 PM

Osborne Nature Center Auditorium

Clayton County Conservation is pleased to host Ross Evelsizer, Watershed Planner and GIS Specialist from Northeast Resource Conservation & Development for a presentation on multi-cropping, and it’s potential here in Iowa. Multi-cropping refers to the production of two or more crops on the same piece of land in a single growing season. The talk will take place in the Osborne Nature Center Auditorium on Tuesday, August 27th, at 4:30 PM.

Multi-cropping Iowa is focused on developing the knowledge and tools producers need to implement regenerative multi-crop systems in Iowa. Multi-cropping systems have demonstrated numerous benefits to both the ecosystem and producers’ bottom line. Economically, multi-cropping systems are associated with lower production costs from reduced use of fertilizer, fuel, chemicals for disease and pest management, and higher revenue outputs. Ecologically, soil health improvements by large scale implementation of regenerative agricultural management systems may help reduce flooding and improve water quality and habitat in watersheds like the Turkey River.

The Osborne Nature Center is located on HWY 13 five miles south of Elkader. For more information on events visit or call 563-245-1516 or follow us on Facebook.